Expert Tattoo Site, Tattoo Designs, Announces Celtic Tattoo Page

Popular tattoo site releases their new Celtic tattoo page with complete information and pictures of Celtic tattoos.

Online PR News – 20-July-2009 – – MAPLE VALLEY, WA – As tattoos are gaining in popularity, tattoo mega-site Tattoo Designs ( has just released their Celtic tattoo designs page. They successfully outline the various styles of Celtic tattoos( available and show beautiful tattoo artwork on the bodies of tattooed participants. The site focuses its information on the historical and abstract meaning behind this style of tattoo. Though its roots can be traced to centuries ago, Tattoo Designs brings this old world art form into today’s relevant culture. There has never been a time when tattooing has been more accepted than today. Millions have tattoos and thousands decide to add these unique ink designs to their bodies every day.

For those having trouble deciding what kind of tattoo to get, this Web site makes it easier. With numerous design pages available, from crosses to stars and from Celtic tattoos ( to angels, they have left nothing out. More options are better in this case because many people have trouble deciding on the perfect tattoo. Tattoo Designs helps in the decision making process by offering a detailed historical view on tattoo designs and artwork. They also provide religious, cultural, and spiritual reasons why people get specific tattoos. Their site emphasizes the meaning behind designs so their visitors can make a more sound decision.
Pictures say a thousand words and Tattoo Designs ( offers pictures of real tattoo designs in each of their design categories. The pictures are in color and very clearly convey the true essence of each different type of tattoo design on display. The new Celtic tattoo area of the site, for example, shows 4 color-pictures and the meaning of each is described. This style of tattoo dates back to ancient Scottish, Welt, and Irish times when tattoos were reserved for the very wealthy. Their designs were a symbol of affluence for all to see. Today, Celtic tattoos can have a number of symbolisms. Certain animals, for example, hold meaning in their belief system. The horse, according to the Tattoo Designs Web site, means power. Therefore, a horse in the center of a Celtic knot would be something to show the power inside of that person.
The knot designs in this style of artwork are more than just show. They symbolize the unending cycle of death and reincarnation, as believed by the Celts. This is unique because the artwork of a Celtic tattoo is much more intricate than the average tattoo due to the knots. Crosses of Celtic origin are also gaining popularity due to their unique beauty and mystical charm. Many tattoo designs featured on the Tattoo Designs Internet site have crosses combined with Celtic knots. These design layouts help site visitors see a real image of what various tattoo options look like. For those who want tattoos in any design, this site offers it all; pictures, information, and mock-up designs.
Tattoo Designs can be reached at P.O. Box 1129, Maple Valley, WA 98038.