Field Components Stocks Various Types of Bulk Wire and Cables

Field Components, New York deals in bulk wires, cables and related equipment and parts. It has built its reputation with a lot of hard work over the past 30 years.

Online PR News – 05-February-2013 – East Hampton, New York – Field Components is the company to turn to, when you need a solution for a problem related to wiring, cabling and a variety of other related gear. The New York-based company boasts of having a wide assortment of bulk wires and cables. In addition to these, they are famous as a seller of attenuators, blocks, switches, dividers and many more.

“We are a proud company which has specialist engineers who are team players, skilled and experts in their respective areas of service. We strongly believe in learning from the process of implementing ideas and suggestions from our valued customers whom we serve, for further improvement on our products and services. One such brilliant idea we are happy to have introduced, is stocking up on various kinds of wires and cables. Therefore, now our stocks contain cables of almost all varieties, from RF Cables to coaxial cables. This has gone on to solve many problems from the team and customer perspectives,” says the CEO of Field Components.

The company specializes in engineering, designing and developing product in the niche of electronic connectivity. The areas that it deals in include three major kinds of connection methods- Fiber Optic, Copper and Wire Less. The team of specialists we have in-house includes installers, system integrators, engineers, technicians and contractors. The sectors whereby we offer specialized applications include military and government agencies, education, health care, mass transit and construction.

“Since we deal in a wide variety of fields that involve government interventions, we need to be extra conscious about our resources, time and energy. This helps us to put resources to optimum use. Our stocks for bulk wires and cables provide us flexibility to work on stricter deadlines, minute and precise quality control with quantity check. This way, we have been able to squeeze in more quality assignments in lesser time and have reduced the chances of error by a high percentage. All of this has been possible with a highly motivated team of skilled and knowledgeable members who do not shy away from tackling issues through spot-on services. Also, we are old school believers in the policy of “honest hard work always leads to success.”” added the CEO.

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Field Components is based in New York. The company has seen newer heights with time, backed by thirty years of experience in the field of cables. The group of experts lead by a very farsighted CEO has only been better for the company in terms of name, fame and work. Today the company is synonymous with reliable service and timely delivery.