Intesi Resources Introduces New Recruitment And Hiring Tool

Hiring new employees costs a lot of time, effort, and resources. However, the task of hiring people and filling in vacancies.

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – Phoenix, AZ – February 04, 2013 - Hiring new employees costs a lot of time, effort, and resources. However, the task of hiring people and filling in vacancies has been made easy with a tool that helps recruiters choose the right person for a job. Intesi Resources announced today that they have added to their product list a non DiSC Profile that would help recruiters bring the recruitment process up to speed while ensuring the quality of their hires.

An Intesi Resources spokesperson said the new tool, called Team Dimensions 2.0, works well with the existing Everything DiSC Profiles in improving the effectiveness of a company's recruitment and hiring process. This new tool is currently available on Intesi Resources' website It operates to help recruiters identify the right candidate for a particular role they are filling in the fastest way possible. Further, the tool is expected to decrease the time needed in filling a vacancy in any organization. Team Dimensions 2.0 helps individuals identify their strengths so it is easier for recruiters to place them in the role that is right for them. This means that if the roles are not currently available, recruiters will have a pool of candidates that they can easily call on to fill the position when it becomes available in the future. Consequently, filling a vacancy for the organization becomes easier and faster at a cost that will not hurt their budget.

Team Dimensions 2.0 is easy to use. Users can go online to access the profile and respond to a set of multiple choice questions. The tool has buttons beside each choice and users are instructed to click here to register their answers. Because Team Dimensions 2.0 is an online tool, it is self-scoring. This means that individual results can be obtained as soon as the user is finished responding to the questions. This is also one of the reasons why Team Dimensions 2.0 is considered to improve the recruitment and hiring process as using this tool will certainly decrease the time for recruiters to identify the right candidate for a certain post.

Team Dimension 2.0 is an affordable tool that companies can invest on to decrease the time of their recruitment and hiring process and at the same time lower their recruitment and hiring costs. As of today, companies that are interested in acquiring the Team Dimensions 2.0 can purchase the profile at $29.00. However, companies that have EPIC accounts with Intesi Resources can go to Intesi's website,, and purchase the profiles using their EPIC Account. This means that these companies will be able to get the Team Dimensions 2.0 profiles at a much lower price.

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