Beautiful Flooring Direct Bring Rugs Up To Date

A comprehensive range of rugs in all colours and sizes means ordering a flooring centrepiece is easier than ever, all via an easy to use online store.

Online PR News – 04-February-2013 – London – Beautiful Flooring Direct has developed a great business supplying carpets via their excellent web site. The carpet trade has always been a service in which the customer has had to go to the local carpet shop and go through the various racks of patterns. The problem with this is that the carpet shop can only stock so many samples and these may not include the best ones for the customer. Beautiful Flooring Direct has developed a website with masses of samples of carpets available for the customer to peruse in the comfort of his own home. The company has also forged links into the local carpet shop so that if the customer then wishes to see the carpet at first hand the web site directs him to the nearest carpet shop that can help. The customer can even build his carpet into a virtual room on the website to see how it will fit in situ. The site works out the carpet size from the room size and totals just how much carpet is required.

Beautiful Flooring Direct also supplies wooden floors and laminates and it is the growing popularity of these that has resulted in a growing market for rugs. The common rug was the first man made floor covering but had declined in popularity as the fitted carpet became more popular but with an increase in wood and laminate there has been a widening demand for rugs and Beautiful Flooring Direct has developed a superb range of rugs in a range of sizes. The standard sizes are 150 x 80 cm, 170 x 120 cm and 230 x 160 cm which provide a good range of options for the rug concerned. Their comprehensive range has rugs that are a plain colour, a full range of patterned rugs and a range of shaggy rugs which are like the old fashioned pegged rugs.

Rugs can bring a completely new dimension to the room and Beautiful Flooring Direct is pleased to be able to supply rugs that meet all the modern demands of the residence. Rugs can bring a lot of colour to a room that is fairly bland from vast spaces of wood or laminates, they also bring some quietness where shoes clatter on the floor. Rugs are also ideal for carpeted room providing a central focus point in front of the fire or other area or in a walkway as a protection for a main carpet.

Beautiful Flooring Direct is pleased to be able to supply a range of rugs of various prices and the prices are so good that it is possible to change the rugs on a frequent basis so that the decoration and appearance of the room can be changed with the minimum of effort and cost. The website gives the full range of rugs that are supplied by Beautiful Flooring Direct and these can be supplied directly to the customer or to a local delivery pick up point. When considering a decoration change or a room to brighten consider to buy rugs online at Beautiful Flooring Direct.

Beautiful Flooring Direct are a collaboration of independent UK floor retailers, providing a huge range of quality and attractive floors at affordable and competitive prices. With stores across the UK, delivery is free to your local retailer, where fitting can then be arranged.