MSys Adds to Test Automation Portfolio with OSS/BSS Automation for Tier-One Telecom Service Provider

MSys has taken its MSys Test Automation Suite (MTAS) to next level. MSys recently automated testing of a complex environment as a part of OSS/BSS application framework using its in-house Test Automation Suite - (MTAS).

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – Atlanta, GA – MSys has taken its MSys Test Automation Suite (MTAS) to next level by releasing complete end-to-end test automation of OSS/BSS applications for a Tier-One Telecom Service Provider. MSys recently automated testing of a complex environment consisting of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Integrated Access Device (IAD), Integrated Service Router (ISR), Customer Facing Applications, database, EFM, in-house tools, and switches as a part of OSS/BSS application framework using its in-house Test Automation Suite - (MTAS). MTAS' plug-in based architecture facilitated this level of automation of testing in a heterogeneous production environment for the Telecom Service Provider market. MSys also offers unparalleled level of customer service while reducing overall costs and increasing Return on Investment (ROI).

Management of a public network using the OSS/BSS applications is a challenging task owing to the dependencies of public on communication and devices that are provisioned and supported. Test Automation of OSS and BSS are at high priority as they are the primary lifeline support of the Telecom Network.

The major challenges faced during automation of the OSS/BSS applications were:
• Telecom Enterprise Applications are complex, distributed, and heterogeneous.
• Integration with Third Party Applications is particularly challenging.
• Finally, testing in a live environment is usually the biggest hurdle in automation.
• Frequent upgrades of OSS/BSS applications are inevitable since majority of these apps will be used by end users, which requires lot more regression testing for every release/upgrade.

The Tier-One Telecom Provider was in need of a comprehensive Test Automation Solution to mitigate the above stated major challenges.

MSys provided an End-to-End Automation Solution using MTAS by verifying every layer of the application from the Web UI, Middleware, and Backend Systems in a single test environment. MSys developed this Test Automation Solution to provide seamless integration of test results across multiple applications in a Complex Telecom Test Environment.

Using MTAS, customers can handle complex test scenarios and perform virtual testing of any hardware, device, or embedded system throughout the entire product lifecycle. The customers can also perform functional, regression, and cross platform testing for a wide range of applications including Web, Windows, Flex, SSH/Telnet, Siebel, Data base, Mobile Applications, and so on. Typical use cases performed includes Line Provisioning, Call Feature Management, Virtual Phone System (VPS), and cloud services.

MTAS helps its customers to stabilize their expenses on every release, increase their business productivity, and perform more complex functional regression testing. MSys enables the Tier-One Telecom Providers to maximize Return on Investment (ROI), offer superior customer service, and enhance customer experience. MTAS solution for OSS-BSS applications automation has drastically reduced the cost associated with managing services for the Telecom Provider and increased the Time to Market.

Test Automation Services offered to the Tier-One Telecom Providers are:
• End-to-End automation of customer-facing elements, OSS/BSS components, and network elements.
• Effective Third Party tool integration without compromising on out-of-the-box functionalities and system performance.
• Load testing for HTTP protocol, SMTP protocol, POP, and FTP of the customers’ application.

“Companies look at Test Automation as a better way to help reduce their overall application maintenance costs and Time to Market (TTM). Our end-to-end Automation Solution provides a new world of innovative opportunities for Telecom Providers to immediately improve their test planning and management, product development lifecycles, infrastructure costs, and system uptime. This solution is a great time saver by significantly reducing the amount of time spent in updating and creating scripts.”
- Sanjay Sehgal, Chairman and CEO, MSys Technologies.

MTAS ensures early identification and resolution of bugs for enhanced network quality deployment and maintenance of telecom systems. MTAS reduces the complexity of automation, delivers efficient cost savings, reduces testing time, and improves application quality. Simultaneous testing of multiple Device Under Tests (DUTs) and multiple configurations can be performed in a single-touch setup for greater efficiency in complex systems scenarios. For more details about MTAS, look into &

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