Petizens Launch An Online Platform And Forum For Pet Owners And Their Pets

Petizens is a one of a kind pet social website that is specially built for pet networking. It allows pet owners to create a pet network of sorts through their pet forum.

Online PR News – 30-April-2010 – – Shanghai, China, April 29, 2010: Petizens, an online pets’ community that also serves as a pet lovers social network where one can build customized pets profile pages. The website allows the creation of fully customizable, drag-&-drop kind of pets social profile pages, where one can include photos, information, videos, stickers etc. and make a personalized page for one’s pets on the pets’ online community. Be it birds, exotic animals, reptiles or any other pet, the owners and customers can read, write or simply discuss about their pets online.

Petizens is a one of a kind pet social website that is specially built for pet networking. It allows pet owners to create a pet network of sorts through their pet forum that allows them to exchange information, search for other pet lovers or for play mates for their pets and ask for advice on various issues.

This pet owners’ social community has been rapidly gaining ground and has become popular among the users. It has various sections such as a comprehensive search feature that allows one to search for pets according to the desired criteria or interact with a pet owner having the same breed of puppies, dogs, kittens, etc. One can also search for pictures of dogs, pictures of cats, etc. or even search to adopt a pet. The other sections include “knowledge section”, to gain insights into the various aspects of having a pet such as their diseases, diet, mating, etc. and an exciting “fun & games” section on this pet social website, along with a very interactive pet forum for pet networking. In the online pet forum where one can discuss about one’s kittens, puppies, dogs, and other pets, can even form a pet owners social community and ask for advice on pet related problems. This pets’ community is extremely user friendly and provides the pet owners with a fun and informative experience.

The spokesperson for Petizens, Per Lyngemark, speaking on the occasion, put in the last word, saying that, “We love pets and are very compassionate about them. We understand that a pet is a very important and loved member of the family. This is why we have launched this pet community and pet forum, so that pet owners can get a better insight into their pets and also get more involved in their lives. We want to take this pet owners’ social community to a much greater level and make it a one stop resource for all pet networking needs. Petizens wishes to become a global platform and serve as a pets’ community for all the pet lovers looking for more insights into their pets online via pets’ networking.

About Petizens:

Petizens, was founded in 2008 by Tamako and Per Lyngemark. They are both pet lovers and have had several pets since they were young. They got the idea to start Petizens in 2007, to make a truly unique website for online pets lovers where users could personalize the pet's social profile pages on an online pet lovers’ social network. The website is something totally new and fresh, and is increasingly being talked about as a comprehensive, knowledge providing and exciting pet owners’ social community.

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