Amdahl Software announces the general availability of OpenCL CodeBench

OpenCL CodeBench™ from Amdahl Software Accelerates OpenCL™ Software Creation.

Online PR News – 03-February-2013 – Englewood, Colorado – Amdahl Software, a leading supplier of development tools for multi-core software, after extensive beta testing by evaluators over a dozen countries and numerous end-user application markets, today announced the production release of OpenCL CodeBench.
OpenCL CodeBench is an OpenCL Code Creation tool. It simplifies parallel software development, enabling developers to rapidly generate and optimize OpenCL applications. Engineering productivity is increased through the automation of overhead tasks. The tools suite enables engineers to work at higher levels of abstraction, accelerating the code development process. OpenCL CodeBench benefits both expert and novice engineers through a choice of command line or guided, wizard-driven development methodologies. Close cooperation with IP, SOC and platform vendors will enable future releases of OpenCL CodeBench to more tightly optimize software for specific end user platforms and development environments.
“The feedback from the OpenCL CodeBench beta user community has been very positive and we appreciate the input that has been provided. We were able to incorporate many of the requested features into this initial production release and we will continue to add capabilities into our planned 2013 update releases,” said Erik Duymelinck, Co-Founder and Architect of OpenCL CodeBench.
“We’re excited to make our parallelization tools available to the OpenCL development community. With OpenCL CodeBench, software development is simplified and accelerated, code quality is improved, and system performance and power can be optimized,” said Kurt Prunty, Co-Founder of Amdahl Software. “Today, many of the compute capabilities in multi-core CPU and heterogeneous GPGPU platforms are underutilized. Amdahl Software tools can enable software engineers to productively make use of these capabilities.”
OpenCL CodeBench is now available for trial or purchase. For additional information, please visit us:
About Amdahl Software:
Amdahl Software was founded in Colorado in early 2012 by a dedicated team of software and semiconductor industry veterans. The Amdahl Software mission is to provide software development tools, simplifying and advancing the multi-core development process.
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