Kid Decides to Learn Internet Marketing and Retires at 19!

Meet Dakota, a 19 year old kid from Canada. Before he joined Empower Network, he was broke and knew nothing about internet marketing. Since joining, he decided to learn internet marketing, and now has retired and lives in Thailand, at 19!

Online PR News – 03-February-2013 – Vancouver, BC – Dakota was just a kid from Alberta, Canada. He didn't come from a line of success, and he didn't start with a list. However, after Dakota put in the work to learn internet marketing with Empower Network, Dakota rose from the ashes of his previous life, and retired. All at the age of 19!

Three months before Dakota retired, he was broke. He had tried network marketing before, and never realized the success that he dreamed of. He could barely pay his rent. Then, it was as if a switch had flipped in his head. Dakota joined Empower Network, and after going through their training to learn internet marketing, he started to see some success. And that was just the beginning.

After Dakota attended a live Empower Network event in San Diego, his life was changed for ever. It was from there that he decided to achieve his goal of retiring and moving to Thailand. And he made it in only 60 days!

"Because of the Empower Network," Dakota begins his newest YouTube video, "I got to retire, move to Thailand and live the life of my complete design." Dakota goes on to share how he got to the point in his life he is at, and what drove him to change his life.

Toady, living happily in Thailand, and following the dreams that he had always wanted, Dakota continues to promote Empower Network, and the importance of going to learn internet marketing. He stresses that it takes a lot of work to get and continue to get the results that he achieved, but it was more than worth it. He believes that anyone can learn internet marketing, and live the lifestyle that he has learned and do what they truly love.

To learn more about Dakota's story, and to watch his latest YouTube video, visit There, Bryan Stearns shares the many success stories of people in internet marketing, and teaches people how to learn internet marketing.