Leading Computer Repair Starts Integration Of Windows 8 Support With Technical Support Stack

iRepair.net, a market leader in the space of online computer repair, has announced an integration effort of their newly established Windows 8 support process with their established technical support business vertical.

Online PR News – 03-February-2013 – Noida, U.P – iRepair.net, a market leader providing online computer repair services to its clients, has announced its launch of effort to bring two of their business verticals – the well-established technical support stack and the newly launched Windows 8 support stack – together. The alignment will bring the two logically tied services under the same umbrella within their company. It will further bridge the existing gap of not treating the entire computer support business vertical as a single portfolio, which creates confusion for both their existing and new customers.

Speaking to the press in a brief meet earlier today, ” It was a collective decision by the executives of our company”, while speaking to the reporters. “All of us agreed with the proposal brought forward by the CEO. So the decision has been arrived with a unanimous agreement behind it. The motivation of the move is clear – we want to deliver a single-stop solution for our clients. We do not want our clients to move from one part of our business vertical to another – that makes their buying process difficult, leading to reduction in impulse buying. We further believe that the integration will also significantly improve our revenue earnings, which is an additional justification of introducing this integration.”

The integration effort, expected to take anywhere between 2-3 weeks, has started at a time when the SMB segment, which forms the bulk of the organization’s client base, is showing signs of recovering from a recent economic downturn. With free cash slowly but surely coming into the market and newly released Windows 8 operating system finding popularity among buyers of new PCs, the company expects the checkout volume for Windows 8 support services will generate significant revenue once the integration with the technical support business vertical is in place.

Citing the enhancements of cross-selling services to be a major revenue mover, the CTO was excited that Windows 8 support customers of the company would be able to view the entire technical support services portal under the integrated view. On the other side, the customers looking for other kinds of tech support services would also easily be able to find the Windows 8 support services and be able to purchase these services smoothly. Impulse buying being one of the primary benefits to iRepair.net, the overall checkout portal as well as the shopping cart will now be integrated into one, as part of the overall integration process.