Meredith Alvaro Announces New Donation

Meredith Alvaro Announces New Donation of 4 After School Literacy Workshops for New Milford NJ School teachers grades K-8

Online PR News – 03-February-2013 – New Milford, New Jersey – Skilled crafter of curriculums Meredith Alvaro has been working to improve literacy nationwide. Meredith Alvaro has taught her unique curriculums, which streamline the process of teaching reading and writing skills into something easy to use for teachers and easy to learn for students. Meredith Alvaro’s work to increase literacy through her curriculums has been noted in several publications as an important achievement in teaching.

Now, Meredith Alvaro is offering four after school literacy workshops for New Milford NJ School teachers who teach from Kindergarten to eighth grade. The new workshops are designed to increase learning and retention of literacy skills in children and are based off of Meredith Alvaro’s success with teaching these skills in New Jersey school districts in the past. Meredith Alvaro’s workshops will focus on literacy and teaching reading and writing skills. With her certifications in general education, special education, and English as a second language, Meredith Alvaro is in a unique position of being able to teach literacy to a higher number of students than many consultants.

Meredith Alvaro’s work in the literacy field has earned her high praise from the principals and superintendents of several districts in the area, as well as from the students and parents in those districts. In fact, one of the school district principals in New Jersey has been quoted as saying that “Meredith evokes a “can-do” spirit in her workshops where teachers are motivated and always leave with classroom-ready strategies and techniques they can use ‘tomorrow’. She always finds time to follow up with accessible resources to continue the learning process,” adding that, “It has been an honor to work with Meredith Alvaro for the last decade and I share in her excitement that countless teachers and students have benefited from her contagious enthusiasm for raising the literacy achievement bar higher for all students.”

Truly, Meredith Alvaro’s skills teaching and fostering the power of learning have been powerful resources for New Jersey schools and her workshops are well worth checking out. Praised by students and teachers alike, Meredith Alvaro has worked to increase the literacy rater in New Jersey schools through a unique and dynamic curriculum set-up. In addition, Meredith Alvaro has the unique skill of distilling the needed lessons of her work into simple, easy to teach models that other teachers have had no trouble picking up and running with.

About: Meredith Alvaro designs literacy curriculums and teaches literacy.