Zentrepreneur Business Opportunity Prelaunch For Life Coaches and Entrepreneur Coaches

The most unique life coach training and certification program at http://www.ZENtrepreneur.TV. Business coaching, success coaching, personality profiling, spiritual awakening, and zen entrepreneur education in a fun and easy to learn video education environment.

Online PR News – 02-February-2013 – Vancouver, BC – by LIFE COACHING PROGRAM REVIEW

Zr. Max Freeman announced the prelaunch of the most unique life coach training and certification program at http://www.ZENtrepreneur.TV "Possibly the biggest advancement in the coaching industry since the contributions of Thomas J. Leonard", remarked Freeman.

Zentrepreneur.TV brings together elements of business coaching, success coaching, personality profiling, strengths and weaknesses testing, spiritual awakening, and zen entrepreneur education in a fun and easy to learn video education environment.

The business side of Zentrepreneur uses a breakthrough development in word of mouth and viral marketing. This social media affiliate marketing engine will drive this home based business opportunity to be a real money maker for those who want to do what they love and work from home.

Zentrepreneur coaching will attract hundreds of thousands of new clients who have never been coached before or may not even know what life coaching is. The program is simple and fun, and consists of self coaching videos, weekly group coaching, and live one on one coaching by skype with a student apprentice coach or with a master certified coach.

If entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Max Freeman, Elon Musk whose renegade style and do what you love attitude has helped them create the coolest products on the planet (Galactic space travel for the masses, the Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook, zen - entrepreneur training, the Tesla Roadster electric sports car) then you should join Zentrepreneur.TV.

If you would like to add your name to this list of billionaire internet entrepreneurs, while doing what you love and being spiritually aligned, then check out Zentrepreneur.TV

#30 Jim Clark Net Worth – $1 Billion
#29 Yuri Milner Net Worth – $1 Billion
#28 Jerry Yang Net Worth – $1.15 Billion
#27 David Filo Net Worth – $1.2 Billion
#26 Meg Whitman Net Worth – $1.4 Billion
#25 Bob Parsons Net Worth – $1.5 Billion
#24 Steve Case Net Worth – $1.5 Billion
#23 Zhang Zhidong Net Worth – $1.8 Billion
#22 Mark Pincus Net Worth – $1 Billion
#21 Reid Hoffman Net Worth – $1.9 Billion
#20 Eduardo Saverin Net Worth – $2 Billion
#19 Marc Benioff Net Worth – $2 Billion
#18 Sean Parker Net Worth – $2.1 Billion
#17 Mark Cuban Net Worth – $2.5 Billion
#16 Jack Ma Net Worth – $2.7 Billion
#15 William Ding Net Worth – $2.8 Billion
#14 Eric Lefkofsky Net Worth – $2.9 Billion
#13 Charles Schwab Net Worth – $3.7 Billion
#12 Xavier Niel Net Worth – $4.5 Billion
#11 Ma Huateng Net Worth – $4.7 Billion
#10 Dustin Moskovitz Net Worth – $5.1 Billion
#9 Hiroshi Mikitani Net Worth – $6.2 Billion
#8 Pierre Omidyar Net Worth – $6.7 Billion
#7 Eric Schmidt Net Worth $6.9 Billion
#6 Masayoshi Son Net Worth – $7.2 Billion
#5 Robin Li Net Worth – $10.2 Billion
#4 Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth – $14.2 Billion
#3 Sergey Brin Net Worth – $17.4 Billion
#2 Larry Page Net Worth – $17.5 Billion
#1 Jeff Bezos Net Worth – $20.2 Billion

Or maybe you just want to make a few hundred dollars extra per month working from home doing something you love, then join the free affiliate opportunity at http://www.ZENtrepreneur.TV and don't be worried it's a scam or fraud because it does not cost anything to start and you can make your first $300 commission today.
This is not an MLM prelaunch, but rather a new kind of affiliate marketing with powerful word of mouth social media marketing techniques.

The information above was compiled by LIFE COACHING CERTIFICATION TOP TEN REVIEW, and may not accurately represent the views of Zentrepreneur.TV the company or Max Freeman.