Janitorial Carpet Cleaning Introduces Mobilized Auto Detailing to Omaha, Ne

Mobilized auto detailing for the Omaha, Ne area is a great way for Janitorial Carpet Cleaning to expand on it's current services and keep an edge on it's competition.

Online PR News – 02-February-2013 – Omaha, Ne – Getting a car detailed can become a hassle for some people who like to keep their cars looking great. Having to drop it off at a shop and leave it their could be a big hassle if there are other thing on the agenda for that day. It could be a very big inconvenience, also no one really likes having someone in there car that they don't know whether it's a business doing a service that's been paid for or not. So Janitorial Carpet Cleaning has devised a solution to the problem that's discussed here by introducing a mobilized auto detailing unit that come to where the automobile is and not the other way around.

Janitorial Carpet Cleaning mobilized auto detailing unit is not just for used car dealerships either. They believe that it should serve residential customers as well. Giving them the freedom and choice to have Janitorial Carpet Cleaning come to where ever the they wish them to come to get the job done. Whether that be at the customers job, a picnic, Bar BQ, or their homes. This is a service business where the customers decide how and where they want the service. Janitorial Carpet Cleaning is already in the business of cleaning carpets and they go to the establishment of the carpet. They have never asked a customer to bring their carpets to them. This concept could be applied to the auto detailing as well. Making easier for Janitorial Carpet Cleaning to provide customers with more of the services that they want without an inconvenience of them having to move.

To be able to have a car cleaned with just a phone call and not having to drop off the vehicle alleviates a lot of risk for car owners and car dealerships alike. You never know who could be behind the wheel of a car or if they are insured to drive it. What the auto detailers driving record is like. All these questions may arise when a car owner drops their car off or has it picked up. So Janitorial Carpet Cleaning has found it's niche in the market by terminating those questions for the customer and going to where the customer feels most secure at. Removing this risk gives Janitorial Carpet Cleaning an edge over it's competitors by mobilizing a service which usually makes the customer come to the service.