m62 Urges Presenters to Ensure They Are Not Making Common PowerPoint MIstakes

m62 visualcommunications urges presenters to ensure that they are not making common mistakes on the slides in their presentations.

Online PR News – 29-April-2010 – – m62 visualcommunications, the global leader in presentation effectiveness, is today urging presenters to ensure that they are not making common mistakes on the slides in their presentations.

With over 30 million powerpoint presentations delivered every day, most of them ineffective, presenters are beginning to work towards making their visual aids better. This has led to many presenters using imagery and different types of visual aids, under the impression that they are making the presentation more engaging for the audience.

This has left many presenters believing that they are delivering effective presentations, when in fact they are just making familiar presentation mistakes in a different way. Visual aids should aid the audience’s engagement and comprehension of the point, but when used incorrectly, they can actually increase audience dissatisfaction and disengagement.

Common errors include using beautiful images that take up a whole slide; putting up complicated diagrams containing too much information for the audience to digest; and summarising via text the main point of the slide.

Nicholas Oulton, Founder of m62, commented: “Presenters often lose sight of the point of a presentation – which is to successfully convey a message to the audience. There is a difference between pretty presentations and effective presentations – even slides that can be classed as ‘interesting’ will not make a successful presentation if they do not work seamlessly with the presenter.

“Presenters who struggle with visuals can be split into two groups: those who think visual aids should be avoided altogether, and those who put most of their presentation on their slides. In fact, a balance should be struck: presenters should use the visual aids to support their verbiage. Slides should not make sense on their own.”

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