Dr. M.S. Venkatesh – Performing Chin Augmentation Surgery in Bangalore

Dr. M.S. Venkatesh is one of the reputable cosmetic surgeons renowned for successfully performing chin augmentation surgery at his highly advanced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic situated in Bangalore.

Online PR News – 03-February-2013 – Bangalore, Karnataka – Bangalore, India, 02 February 2013: People who are looking for a leading cosmetic surgeon to get their chin lifted can contact Dr. M.S. Venkatesh, a name of global repute. Trained at the prestigious K.E.M.Hospital, Dr. M.S. Venkatesh has made a mark for himself by providing the desired results to their patients from across the globe. He conducts chin augmentation surgery at his Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic equipped with requisite facilities.

Talking about the chin augmentation surgery, a senior executive working with Dr. M.S. Venkatesh said, “The most beautiful people have chins that are around two or three millimetres behind a line dropped from the nose. To attain such chin, people opt for chin augmentation surgery. It is basically a surgical procedure which provides a more vibrant and attractive look. Chin augmentation will redefine the jawline and provide a more mature and balanced facial appearance.”

Chin Augmentation surgery includes the insertion of an implant under chin for improving the projection and profile of chin. Dr. M.S. Venkatesh surgically creates a pocket in the lower buccal through which an appropriate size implant (Polyethylene or silicone), US FDA Approved is inserted. After positioning the implant properly, Dr. Venkatesh closes the incision. This procedure is considered to be simple and safe for clients.

Discussing further, a senior executive working with Dr. M.S. Venkatesh stated, “After this procedure, the chin is strapped and supported with a chin strap for a week. Note that Dr. Venkatesh discusses the size and projection of the implant with the patient before the operation. The client is required to stay in the clinic for a day after the completion of surgery.”

Dr. Venkatesh advices the patients to avoid gym, sport activities and exertion for 3 weeks and follow liquid diet for 2 weeks after chin augmentation cosmetic surgery, Bangalore.

About Dr. M.S. Venkatesh
Dr. M.S. Venkatesh is one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeons in Bangalore, India. He conducts different types of surgeries including Liposuction, Gynecomastia, Dimple Creation, Breast & Chin Augmentation, Rhinoplasty and the like at his Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. He is also a professor of the Department of Plastic Surgery at a renowned Medical College at Bangalore. People looking for a leading surgeon for plastic surgery in Bangalore can contact Dr. Venkatesh.

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