An applicant tracking software can help ease your HR team

When you are looking for an applicant tracking system that can ease the task of your human resource development team, you can simply go with recruitment solutions by recruit so simple.

Online PR News – 03-February-2013 – Frimley, Surrey – United Kingdom. February 2, 2013. An applicant tracking system can simply improve the performance of your human resource development team since it will shed down the heavy burden of applicant tracking.
Traditionally, the work that used to be full of hassle has now been made much easier with the introduction of advanced applicant tracking system by recruit so simple. Their recruit application has a built in ability to collect and compile data from multiple source and store it securely over the main server. The good thing about their recruitment solution is that it is easy to install, maintain, operate and upgrade and can be used without making any serious changes to your existing system.
The whole employment software is quite manageable and quick in operation. You can easily edit and execute the changing requirements of your business and this software will not only collect new applicants but will also screen the existing database for potential applications. Once the number of candidates for a particular job has been selected, this will frequently send alert mails and messages. With the use of this software, the whole recruitment process will become quick, efficient and error free.
And since you are considering recruit so simple to buy this applicant tracking software, you don’t have to pour hefty cash to buy this software. This is one of the most reliable recruitment solutions that is available at market beatable prices. Don’t just let the opportunity go and improve the work efficiency and productivity of your recruitment team. Know more about this applicant tracking system at their website or can call them at 0845 862 2820 for any consultation or to make any queries.