Rare Juko Kai Traditional Asian Martial Arts Now Available In Itasca, Illinois

Stress management and self-protection in the form of world-famous traditional martial arts of Juko Kai International are now available in Itasca, Illinois at the Northwest Athletic Club.

Online PR News – 18-July-2009 – – Itasca, Illinois - The opportunity to study the world-famous, fully Asian accredited martial arts of Juko Kai International is now available in Itasca at the Northwest Athletic Club.

“Our goal is to offer the community essential stress management, self-protection and traditional martial training methods needed for empowered, healthy living,” says master instructor Geoff Goodwin.

“It’s clear that people continue to have rising stress, unfortunately. Traditional martial arts training is an affordable and highly effective way to combat these effects while also learning ancient techniques that exercise and strengthen not only the physical body, but the mental and emotional as well.”

Shihan Goodwin is the only Juko Kai International instructor in Illinois teaching the traditional Japanese and Okinawan arts of Founder Rod Sacharnoski. As a rare resource for this kind of traditional training, it is not uncommon for students to travel several hours to attend classes and clinics.

Unlike more common American martial sport classes, Juko Kai International martial arts are used for self-defense purposes and personal development and are never used for competition or sport.

Juko Kai International is one of the oldest martial arts organizations in the United States. Founded in 1961 by Rod Sacharnoski, Dai-Soke, 10th Dan, a world renowned Grandmaster having recently been featured on the hit show Fox Sport Science as well as having been a former guest on shows such as ABC’s Wide World of Sports, The Discovery Channel’s Way of the Warrior and The Learning Channel’s Ultimate 10 Martial Arts.

Geoff Goodwin continues to be actively trained directly by Dai-Soke Sacharnoski and currently holds an 8th degree black belt. Shihan Goodwin continues to study on a regular basis to refine, improve, and advance his skills. This guarantees he will always have new techniques to teach and share with his students.

Juko Kai is best known for their Combat Ki™ demonstrations; being struck with deadly force to the throat and groin and not sustaining any injury (as seen again in April, 2009 on Fox Sport Science).

Juko Kai martial arts, including Combat-Ki™ techniques, feature internal energy breathing in conjunction with coordinated mind, body, and breath control. All Juko Kai martial arts and ways, including all instructor rankings, are Asian recognized and sponsored.

Adult classes at the Northwest Athletic Club will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays and will include Ki-Life (stress management), Karate-do / Karate-jutsu (all aspects of Karate), Kobu-do/ Kobu-jutsu (weapons arts), Basic Self-Defense and Aiki-do / Aiki-jutsu for all ability levels – beginners welcome.

The Northwest Athletic Club is located at 500 Park Blvd. To register, you may contact Shihan Geoff Goodwin directly at shihangoodwin(at)aol.com or call the Northwest Athletic Club at 815-218-8292.

For more information about Juko Kai International visit http://www.jukokai.com.