New Online Conference Analyzes Top Cloud Computing Trends and Challenges

The World’s Leading Experts and Authorities in Cloud Computing on April 20-24 at Cloud Slam ’09 to Analyze and Uncover Top Trends and Challenges.

Online PR News – 29-April-2010 – – The World’s Leading Experts and Authorities in Cloud Computing on April 20-24 at Cloud Slam ’09 to Analyze and Uncover Top Trends and Challenges. Cloud Slam 09, a virtual conference developed to promote collaborative analysis of the latest trends and challenges in the world of cloud computing.
Cloud Slam Conference is global cloud computing event, covering latest trends and innovations in the world of cloud computing. Conference panels, workshops, and tutorials are selected to cover a range of the hottest topics in cloud computing.The Cloud slam 09 is a virtual event, since travel reduction and improved decision making are two greatest drivers of visual collaboration and communications.
The conference is about the technologies such as Data Centers, HPC, Cloud Storage, Hardware or Equipment, Software, Platforms, Virtualization, SaaS, E-government (eScience and eEducation), Security, Monitoring, Distributed Technologies, Data in Cloud, CDN.

Cloudslam 09 event created a good opportunity to learn about experiences transitioning traditional IT resources into the cloud, efforts to use the cloud to support business processes that have been traditionally supported by IT. Usage industry focus such as application to and lessons learned from use in institutional and or retail financial businesses, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, medicine, pharmaceutical, etc. Discussion of practical usage and issues discovered or addressed could help in promoting a shift in perception of Cloud Computing.

The topic like Emerging cloud technologies and solutions for Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Web-based Portal and B2B Applications, Integration-as-a-Service, Web 2.0 Data Storage, Security and even legacy and mainframe hosting, along with other notable emeging Cloud Services architectures had been discussed in the Cloudslam 09 event.

And also about the Business models topics such as how to make money in the cloud - for startups, incumbents and Venture Capital/Investments. How to make a career in Cloud Computing. Cloudslam 09 conference has been designed for a career-enhancing experience for researchers, engineers, directors and IT professionals. Cloud slam 09 event is a great opportunity for the corporate leaders to collect information on the latest innovations in cloud computing, and develop business ideas.

Cloud Slam ’09 has been featured several keynotes on the current and future aspects of cloud computing by Songnian Zhou, Simon Crosby, Russ Daniels, Hal Stern, Maximilian Ahrens, Jayshree Ullal.

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Cloud Slam '09 is the world's largest virtual cloud computing conference, covering technology, business models, industry implementation experiences, regulatory compliance, privacy and security, risk management and scientific research in the world of cloud computing. The conference took place on April 20-24(2009). Now the recordings are available through DVD. For more information, visit