LowVig.Com Offers Reduced Juice Pricing on Super Bowl XLVII

America's most popular Reduced Juice Betting Portal is using a 10-cent line on Sunday’s San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens matchups

Online PR News – 01-February-2013 – Panama, City – No sporting event is the source of more excitement and buzz than the Super Bowl; a game that is expected to draw over 150 million viewers worldwide and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of advertising and merchandising revenue this year alone. Nevertheless, when it comes to the Super Bowl, t-shirts and television commercials aren't the only things bringing in mega-bucks.

The NFL championship game is perhaps the most wagered on event of the year; over $90 million dollars will be bet Sunday’s San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens games in the state of Nevada alone. And some experts estimate, that lofty number represents only 1% of the worldwide handle. Most of the action is wagered at online sportsbooks like LowVig.com.

As with most NFL football lines, however, the majority of online sports betting sites use the same standard 20-cent line on the Super Bowl as they do throughout the year. This means that no matter what the point spread on the game is, the odds are always -110. In other words, the bettor must risk $110 to win $100.

Popular reduced juice sportsbook LowVig.com, on the other hand, offers a 50% discount not only on the Super Bowl, but just about every game on the betting board. Thanks to their ‘Simply Better Value’ guarantee, LowVig posts a 10-cent line. Meaning the bettor only needs to lay $105 to win $100, instead of the aforementioned $110.

For example, a bettor taking the 3.5-point favorites 49ers, would only have to lay -108; while people taking the Ravens and the points (3.5), would have to lay only -102 juice. Meanwhile, punters on the over-under (47 points) will pay only -105 no matter which side they are on.

A LowVig.com representative explained how important it is to a bettor’s bottom line to get -105 instead of the industry standard -110:

“If a $100 bettor wins 53 out of his next 100 bets at an ordinary -110 sportsbook, his profit will be a respectable $130. If he placed the same wagers at LowVig, his profits would almost triple to $365. If you are looking to maximize your sports betting bankroll, getting -105 instead of -110 is just as important as it is to pick winners.”

In addition to its low juice pricing, LowVig has attracted hordes of new players in recent weeks due to its ample and impressive offering of Super Bowl props and exotics as well as its recently launched, state of the art Live Betting platform. Whereas most US facing sportsbook only open their Live odds during timeouts, LowVig keeps their odds open all game long. And they just made huge improvements to their mobile Live experience, making it even easier to place a bet on the constantly changing odds.

All wagering enthusiasts who seek a better value for their betting dollars are urged to check out the current odds at www.lowvig.com. Players can review live lines for any and all sports by visiting the site clicking on their specific sport of interest.

About LowVig.com

LowVig was officially launched in 2011, with a ‘Simply Better Value’ guarantee expressed through “reduced juice” sports betting, horse rebates, poker rakeback and casino play rebates paid daily. The company offers a cost saving guarantee because LowVig prefers to return as much value possible to each individual bettor via the rebate and reduced juice model rather than through lower ROI methods, such as expensive advertising campaigns, affiliate deals, or costly promotions; thereby preferring organic growth through word of mouth advertising from their rapidly increasing client base.