Wolfgang to Perform Live in Dubai

Filipino pride hard rock band, Wolfgang, goes on tour in the Middle East to entertain thousands of Filipinos waiting to watch them live

Online PR News – 02-February-2013 – 1 February 2013, Dubai UAE – Recently celebrated their 20 years in the music scene, Wolfgang has created a strong following ever since they were formed in 1992. The four-man band comprised of Basti Artadi, Manuel Legarda, Mon Legaspi and Francis Aquino, is most notable for taking Filipino rock music to a higher level, and has been the inspiration for every new rock band.

What sets Wolfgang apart these last 20 years? According to Robbie Sunico, co-founder of the legendary Clubb Dredd in Manila, “Wolfgang, since I first saw them, evoke the power of rock. Their tight sets come out and grab you in the gut. You can’t just sit down and watch Wolfgang. You gotta stand up and be part of the music. It’s no wonder they have such a large and devoted following. Over the years, I’ve watched people wait patiently in line to watch them, sometimes to squeeze into tiny, hot venues or open fields. Patiently, they wait until the big moment comes and then all hell breaks loose. From the start, they’re standing and singing along, their excitement bubbling over till you are part of a hive mind, celebrating rock the only way Wolfgang can.”

This statement is transparent at how their fans still respond to their music after 20 years. Their style and performance have not grown old a bit, attracting both the old and young generations alike.

Looking ahead, Wolfgang, would like to bring their music live to Filipino audiences in every part of the world. And this year, they are determined to do just that. Wolfgang has been requested by Filipinos from world over – US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Opportunities have opened up allowing Wolfgang to stage a series of their first major concerts in the Middle East, with Dubai as the first stop.

On 7 March 2013, Wolfgang is set to perform live at the Emirates Golf Club. The rock band will entertain thousands of Filipinos for a one night show, taking them down memory lane from the very first songs that have solidified Wolfgang as the Philippine rock icon band, and at the same time introduce fans to new songs from the seventh album released in 2012. As with any of their trademark shows, this one is not for the faint of heart.

Mony Romana, the A&R who signed them to Sony Music’s “Epic” label, recalls that he was asked to find an act that was both rock and edge-y, and “there was nobody but Wolfgang who fit the bill.” The band, explains Michelle Lagdameo of Radio Republic, “never made a bad song, never compromised, never faltered. Their energy, passion, and presence is so strong. I saw it the first time I saw them and I still see it now.”

Organised by Gig Event Management, Wolfgang looks forward to entertaining OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) in Dubai and give them a night where they are taken back to their hometown (Philippines). "We would like to credit the "wolfpack", our fans who have stuck with us through thick and thin. We're looking forward to rocking out with the desert wolves in March."

Tickets are now on sale online through Time Out Tickets, Box Office ME, Platinum List and TicketingCo. Tickets will also be made available at leading Filipino supermarkets and restaurants across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.