Bahrain National Charter Monument lights up in a spectacular show by mamemo productions

mamemo productions creates a one of a kind event to honor Bahrain's top athletes

Online PR News – 29-April-2010 – – 29.April 2010, Bahrain – To celebrate the country’s sporting achievements of the Kingdom of Bahrain, mamemo productions recently created a spectacular show on the 21st of April 2010 at the iconic National Charter Monument that combined the latest technologies in real time 3D animation, flame cannon and pyro.

Created and designed by mamemo productions Managing & Creative Director Sam Katiela, this one of a kind event for the General Organization for Youth and Sports was attended by HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Bahrain and 2000 high profile sports and government personalities.

“Because of the unique design of the venue, I designed the layout to complement its features by creating a theatre scenario, with the Monument’s natural stone façade as giant projection surfaces”, said Sam Katiela. “The semicircular shape of the whole monument is perfect for a totally immersive experience for the audience as they feel each visual and sound.”
For this event, mamemo productions created two feature shows that were specially programmed in leading edge real time 3D animation.

The first sequence, “The History of Sports in Bahrain” created a larger than life canvas of images and scenery on the gigantic façade. On key sequences, the projection surfaces were transformed into a hurdles track, Olympic swimming pools, soccer field, and a basketball court where live aerialists suspended in mid air merged and interacted with elements in this virtual world in real time.

Highlighting ten years of the country’s sports achievements, mamemo productions unveiled the biggest Visual Symphony, where a live Visual Maestro with handheld digital sensors was lifted from the ground on hydraulic lifts before he played out a dramatic musical score as he interacted with images, videos and key messages on the largest screen used in mamemo’s history at 103m wide and 9m at its highest point.
For the evening’s grand finale, mamemo created its powerful “Symphony of Light and Fire”, a specially crafted art form of lights, flame cannons, and pyrotechnics that highlighted the shape of the National Charter Monument. To achieve this, 35 flame cannons and 125 moving lights on custom-made wall brackets were installed around the 65-meter spire and on the roof of the facade. More than 3600 pyros were also arranged on the spire, the roof, and on the areas around the venue. When the Symphony of Light and Fire was initiated by His Highness by pressing a touch screen panel, the cannons shot up to 10meter high flames played out in perfect synchronization to the beats of live drummers onstage. With each additional segment, dramatic layers of precision controlled pyro and flames on the spire and the roof were launched to the powerful music. In an amazing display of light, all 125 moving lights created magnificent patterns throughout the venue before the big climax, where flames, light, and pyros created a canopy of fire and light over the audiences’ heads, filling everyone with breathtaking sight and sound.

Speaking at the end of the event, GOYS President HE Sheikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa remarked, “It was an amazing show. All positive reviews… what a way to celebrate sports! mamemo definitely raised the bar to a new standard.”

Additionally, Bahrain Olympic Committee General Secretary HE Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalifa commented, “The kind words I received from HRH at the end of the event are memorable. The lessons I learned from working with the mamemo productions team are priceless.”

In addition to the live event, mamemo productions also filmed and directed the live via satellite broadcasts of the shows through Bahrain TV.