Free Fax To Email Service Set To Take Off In The UK
04/29/2010 excitedly announces about the introduction of the free fax to email service to the UK markets. The service prides in being able to deliver faxed documents right to one's email address.

Online PR News – 29-April-2010 – – Mendham, NJ 04/29/10 - is excited to announce about the introduction of the free fax to email service in the United Kingdom. With this service, there is no need to worry about misplaced and lost faxes. Faxed documents can be accessed anywhere and anytime email service is available.

Fax is a shorter term for facsimile, which is basically a document sent over the telephone line. It started out as highly priced equipment that was not as affordable for most businesses, but it has grown cheaper over time, which makes it one of the basics in business transactions all over the world.

Modern technology has introduced other alternatives to faxing. Since most of them utilize the Internet, which is known for being an unsecured transmission line, they have not fully put the faxes to rest. More so, the law recognizes faxed contracts with signatures as authentic and reliable. Electronic signatures are not.

However, faxing service comes with its set of limitations. One of which is how inaccessible it is for travelers. There is also a large number of complaints regarding faxed documents getting lost. It is a good thing that additional innovations have been made to solve these issues.

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