Gooner News, and now the Gooner News Blog - all things Arsenal FC, all the time!

Online PR News – 04-February-2013 – London, London – Gooner News is already the name people go to for all things Arsenal; the site gathers the best news about Arsenal and the glorious struggle from agencies across the world, and look for the stories that will have an impact, not just now but next summer when the latest Madrid star Luka Modric could be lured to the midfield at Holloway.

Now, to expand their coverage of Arsenal news and all that concerns the team is adding a blog to their webpages. The site will be able to offer greater insights and analysis into the team, the players and everything that affects it. There will be several Arsenal bloggers making guest appearances, including a 25 year season ticket holder plus other international Gooners - as an arsenal fan, you may even get in on the action, if you write well enough and know your football!

The Arsenal FC has a long tradition, dating back to the late 1800's, and aggregated news wasn't enough for anymore. Moving forward readers will be able to consume match previews and reviews, Arsenal transfer news and more - Gooner News - The Blog will deliver the best, objective reporting, analysis and interviews in the world of Arsenal they hope. Which player do you want to know more about? Player spotlights and special features will be a regular part of the blog, and this will give the Gooners an excellent chance to chime in on who they want more info on by using the comments section of the blog.

The same will go for new players - who do you think Arsenal needs to buy to really go up against Manchester United for the title, and who will Arsène Wenger really try for? Shay Given from Villa or Ashley Williams from Swansea both might make excellent additions, but there are more out there that Arsenal has a chance of signing - all that and more will be covered in depth by the reporters as they contact behind the scenes movers and other influential Gooners.

The Gooner News Blog won't shy away from contentious issues, either, but will tackle them head on - it's a game, but there are serious aspects about the game and the tradition that we deserve and expect. But most of all it's about the fun - the sheer joy of watching a close run match with an old opponent, or the agony of a surprise defeat by a club that shouldn't have won and the team at Gooner News - The Blog will enjoy a laugh when the subject lends itself. will report on those hard times when things just seem to fall apart right before our eyes, and also help you rejoice in the roar of the crowd when the ball, the players and the pitch reach that crystalline, magic moment - when time slows down, and the path of the ball is apparent to everyone, when the foot of Theo Walcott contacts the ball - Arsenal rejoice and the other team reel in heavy disappointment as the ball, slipping through the air, and past arms waving and angry eyes, finds it way into the confines of the net.

Hopefully the team at will celebrate their first season of operations with an end to the run of 7 seasons without a trophy for the Gunners!

Gooner News, and now the Gooner News Blog - all things Arsenal, all the time!

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