Rtec-instruments Offering Sturdy Heavy Duty Multi-Functional Tribometer
4 February 2013
San Jose, California, 01 February 2013: Rtec-Instruments that is known for supplying test instruments is offering built to last heavy duty multi-functional tribometer. Sturdy tribometer from Rtec-Instruments is useful for industries like automotive, oil, lubricant, coating and aerospace. It can easily function with load of from nN to 5000N at temperature ranging in between -60C to 1500C. Other tribometers offered by Rtec-Instruments include Universal Tribometer and Nano and Micro Tribometer. Detailing on advantages of modular design which is characteristic to this heavy duty tribometer, a senior manager working with the company said, “The modularity in design ensures that heavy duty tribometer takes not more than five minutes in changing the tester configuration. This means that a same tester is able to contain linear, fretting and reciprocating drives. The modular constructions also permits running of ISO/DIN/ASTM tests on same platform without hindrance.” In addition to its modular design, heavy duty tribometer offered by Rtec-Instruments allows user to create high resolution 3d imaging of test surface without taking the sample out of the tribometer. Advanced imaging modules includes atomic force microscope, white light interferometer, raman spectrometer, laser profiler etc. Low floor noise, high end electronics makes this tribometer the only tribometer in the world that can do Insitu HD imaging on tribometer. A senior manager elaborated on functionality of heavy duty tribometer and said, “Rtec-Instruments offers a heavy duty tribometer that is floor standing and can easily bear load up to 5000N. Furthermore, it can interchange amongst different modules. All these features make it a valued power tool for oil, lubricant and coating industries. The platform is also integrated with imaging modules that help in production of 3D surface imaging at all crucial steps of the test” The imaging modules like AFM, confocal microscope, Raman microscope and laser profiler act as great resources for researchers while conducting various tests. Getting the sample out of the tribometer is not required as 3D surface imaging options are available before, during and after the test. The stiff design also allows tracking of small wear and hence measure friction at higher frequencies in an easy way. About the Company: Rtec Instruments specializes in tribology high-tech instrument design and manufacturing. The company is known for delivering products and services for test instrumentation and surface inspection. They have more than 40 years of experience in test instrumentation and offer next generation test instrumentation products like 3D White Light Interferometer and Multi-Functional Tribometer. Contact Information: Rtec-instruments 1810 Oakland Road, #B San Jose, California USA 95131 Phone :( 001) 408 708 9226 Email: info@rtec-instruments.com Website: www.rtec-instruments.com ###