Say goodbye to Termites in Your Orange County Home with Americana Termite Company

Americana Termite Company has over 35 years of experience in managing termite infestations. Established in 1975, they are a fully licensed company providing a variety of specialized pest control techniques in Orange County residences and commercial properties alike.

Online PR News – 04-February-2013 – Los Angeles, LA – Los Angeles, CA, 01 February 2013: Termite control services are available to help get rid of pests from your property in Orange County. The infestation of all types of termites, including dry wood, damp wood and subterranean, can be treated by Americana Termite Company, located in Orange County. Dedicated experts in the field of pest control ensure that your home in Orange County is termite-free at all times. Termites are known to be the cause of significant damage in wooden structures, and are in some cases more damaging than a flood or a fire.

When asked recently about the services offered by the company, a senior executive commented,” We offer unparalleled termite inspection services in the Orange County, and at the most reasonable prices. On average, termites lay an egg every 15 seconds, which is why it is so critical to contain their growth and infestation in the quickest manner.”

Different treatment techniques are used to get rid of termites, depending on the infestation and type of termites. After a thorough termite inspection, the most suitable eradication method is chosen by the professional and the homeowner. Borate mineral, which is toxic only to termites, is an active ingredient which when ingested by termites leads to their termination, thus being an effective way of eliminating them. Tim-Bor is a water-soluble borate powder that diffuses into the wood and can be sprayed in its liquid form or be used for dusting wall crevices and attics in its dry form.

While discussing termite treatment options, the senior executive further stated, “We offer orange oil treatment which has created a revolution in alternative methods of controlling pests in both residential and commercial structures. XT 2000 is an extremely safe and biodegradable product which does not contain any ozone depleting substances.”

The orange oil treatment harms termites due to its high content of citric acid and also is effective in eliminating termites for a residual period of four days. These treatments can be done without the occupants having to leave the property for the duration of the treatment. Termite inspection in Orange County is done by experienced professionals who thoroughly survey their clients' premises and work with them to provide pest-free structures.

About Americana Termite Company:

Americana Termite Company is an insured and trusted pest control company that specializes in providing effective treatments to get rid of termites. The company was established by Gary Woolery in 1975 and has been successful at providing quality services for pest control Orange County CA is one of the areas where the company provides their pest control services. If you live in the area, you can call upon their termite expertise any time.

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