Now Featuring New Colors With Its Microfiber Dorm Rugs And College Plush Rug Selection

As the leader in dorm supplies, continues to expand its inventory of affordable yet quality dorm items. We are pleased to bring an array of new colors to our best-selling microfiber dorm rugs and college plush rugs.

Online PR News – 31-January-2013 – Buffalo, N.Y. – has prided itself on offering a great selection of college dorm rugs that are cheap, quality, and, above all, very comfortable and soft. We are the leader when it comes to rugs for college dorms, and we are excited to announce new additions to our microfiber rugs and our plush rugs. These rugs have always been popular, and we are glad to offer new color options while maintaining our low prices.

Some students moving into dorms will overlook the importance of a quality yet inexpensive rug. Upon entering a new dorm room, college freshmen find themselves taken aback by just how stark and un-homely it feels. And there is often one other realization: the floors of these students’ new homes are hard, cold, and conducive only for shoes. While some may consider comfy microfiber or plush rugs to be dorm accessories, new students quickly find they are dorm essentials.

Our microfiber dorm rugs are made of soft-to-the-touch 100 percent microfiber — there are no plastic bottles making up these rugs’ soft materials. While we have already had a solid lineup of popular colors, we are glad to bring in aqua, mint, and lavender hues to our selection. Choosing the right color is important, as students take their dorm decor seriously! While we do offer flashy colors on some of our rugs, these new colors are calming and relaxed; they are what’s needed to help students capture and transpire that homey and inviting feel for their dorms.
These microfiber dorm rugs — as well as the college plush rugs — aside from being plenty soft, are all vacuumable and machine-washable, which is important because even pretty rugs can be susceptible to dirt and spills.

With our enhanced college plush rug lineup, we sought to bring new colors to our popular, ultra-soft rugs while still offering them at affordable prices. Our new colors are quite varied: we have the vibrant colors of bright lime and intense orange, as well as more mellow aqua and charcoal gray hues. Like our microfiber rugs, these rugs feature anti-slip bottoms, as we know it’s annoying when a new rug slides along the ground. Yet softness itself is these rugs’ main feature. Each features 1.25 inches of free-flowing strands that make up the high, thick plush. We often say that students might just start sleeping on these rugs—they are just that soft and comfortable.

While we try to make dorm shopping fun and simple with DormCo, we do offer advice on rug sizes to help students best plan out their dorm room layouts. As a bedside rug or a dorm room centerpiece, we have our plush rugs in 3’ x 4.75’ and 4’ x 6’ sizes. Our microfiber rugs, while available in those dimensions, also come in larger 5’ x 8’ and 6’ x 9’ sizes to really carpet the cold floor beneath.

Shopping for college supplies will always be about offering a selection of high-quality and affordable dorm items, and we’re pleased to add more variety to our rugs, as more and more students deem them dorm room essentials. Please browse our collection at All questions and inquiries may be sent to We can also be reached at 888-925-2899 Ext. 1.