All4Cellular's New Website is a Whole New Experience Waiting For You

All4Cellular has a newly redesigned website up. The site is faster, smarter and more fun to navigate. In the next couple of months All4Cellular will introduce a numerous amount of features.

Online PR News – 01-February-2013 – New York – There is some exciting news for all you techies and cellphone owners out there! has gotten a makeover. As you've probably noticed, they've made some big changes to their look and layout of the store. Menus, listings, and site navigation have all been improved to better suit their ever-expanding inventory and to reflect the changing needs of their customers. You'll find the new site faster, smarter, more intuitive, and, hopefully, more fun.

First things first: the Home Page. Perhaps the biggest change you'll find on the new is the upgraded menu system. They've done away with the old categorical tabs in favor of a more comprehensive, better-integrated menu, allowing you to easily navigate to the product type, specific category, and brand you're looking for.Don't have a specific product in mind? Browsing, too, has been made easier, with several new ways to check out great deals of all kinds. Their new homepage features five continually updating rows of products organized by unique criteria, including Flash Deals, Most Popular Items, Recent Additions, and Products on the Rise, where you'll find all the hot new products just beginning to fly off the shelves.

As you roll over items, you'll notice some handy new options, including: Quick View, which brings up a floating window featuring a preview of the product listing; and Add to Wishlist and Add to Compare, which save items in an easy to access drawer at the bottom of the page. Moreover, Add to Compare allows you to easily line up similar products and compare features and specifications, eliminating the need to jump between pages and listings. Of course, if you see an item and it's love at first sight, you can always add it straight to the revamped Shopping Cart with one click of the Buy Now button.

They've also added a new, centrally-located History feature, so you can hop from one product to the next without worrying you'll lose track of your recently viewed items. This is a welcome feature for anyone looking to do some last-minute shopping, just in time for the holidays.

You may be thinking: this is all well and good, but what about the deals? Good news. As the site expands, so will the variety and frequency of their famous discounts. As in the past, new promotions, including Daily Deal and Phone of the Week , will continue to take a central place on the homepage alongside exciting new promotions. Jump over to the Cellular landing, and you'll find a new Featured Items area that updates to relevant listings as you roll over product categories.

They'll also soon be introducing a number of new content areas to the site, each designed to help inform and simplify the shopping experience in its own way. These include the new Cellular Database (CDB), where you'll find comprehensive phone and tablet reviews and specifications; Tutorials, featuring in-depth how-to and glossary articles demystifying the jargon-filled tech-world; News, where they will keep you in-the-know on industry updates and upgrades; and the Forum, where you'll have a chance to ask questions and share information (including photos, video, and testimonials) with each other and with the All4Cellular team.

Together, these changes will constitute the new All4Cellular, soon to be known simply as A4C. They have come a long way from the small re-seller of cellular accessories that opened for business five years ago, and A4C reflects their growing ambitions, as well as the ever-expanding presence and possibilities inherent in their brand. Of course, you'll still find the same amazing deals and impeccable customer service you've come to expect from All4Cellular. Keep yourself updated with this company, they have a lot to offer and are on their way to what's sure to be a bright and exciting future.