Alex Ross-Iver Releases ‘Fire Inside’ Video
1 February 2013
The video has been released in support of the forthcoming single of the same name. Featuring a stunning vocal performance by Eliza Newman and co-produced by the renowned Gisli, the video is a haunting dream-scape between two strangers who meet in a deserted airport, whilst waiting for their normal lives to continue. It takes you through a dream that has been conjured up within the minds of our two would-be lovers. Alex Ross-Iver has been making a name for himself within the underground art / pop / dance scene for a few years now, but this track and video sees him enter the mainstream world of thoughtful, seriously good pop. With some classy mixes by renowned DJ / Producer Sonny Wharton already gracing the decks of some of the world’s biggest DJs, such as Tiesto and Erick Morillo, you had better get used to hearing this over the next few months. Watch the video here -