RPMNetwork Report; Flight Vector Announces Latest Version of FVMap HEMS CAD & Mapping

Latest Version of mapping & dispatching software easier to use and works with most systems.

Online PR News – 29-April-2010 – – Softtech LLC, makers of the Flight Vector family of Emergency Medical CAD and mapping products introduces its latest version of FVMap. FVMap has always been the mapping software of choice by almost all customers using Flight Vector for dispatching and tracking, but now everyone has a chance to use it. FVMap will now run without the need of the CAD component. Users can create routes by pointing and clicking on the map. The routes can be rubber-banded to create new waypoints. As each waypoint is created the Minimum Safe Altitude for day and night is displayed along the route, reducing by minutes the amount of time required to comply with FAA 021 before launching on a flight. FVMap will display your assets over a map displaying METARs, TAFs, NEXRAD, Airspace, TRFs, obstacles, terrain, lakes, rivers, cities, etc. You can even view any position on the map within a Google Maps window. FVMap will display assets from any company that is operating within the Flight Vector system so everyone will be able to see other traffic and if two assets get to close to one another the map will notify the user of the collision potential. FVMap works with BlueSky, Guardian, OuterLink, Sky Connect, SkyTrac, and Latitude Technologies. FVMap even supports two way messaging between the user and the aircraft.

Softtech LLC/Flight Vector
Within the next month Softtech will publish a new API that will allow all CAD systems to be able to interface with the map. Please contact us at info@flightvector.com or call 503-925-8864 and receive a demo DVD so you can start seeing the advantages of using FVMap as your mapping solution.

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