San Diego Day Care Center Serves Healthy Meals to Students
1 February 2013
San Diego, California (January 23, 2013) – Wee Care Preschool is offering hot and healthy meals and snacks to its students. This is good news for parents who don’t have to get up extra early every day and think of what to pack for their kids. This San Diego day care center aims to provide convenience while providing the best value in childcare. Packing lunch for children can be a bit inconvenient, especially to working parents. Aside from facing the full workday ahead, they have to prepare for the child’s day, too. In the morning rush, the meals that are easiest to prepare are usually the ones that offer the least amount of health and nutritional benefits. What’s more, they can’t do anything about it when their child comes home without taking so much as a bite because they simply don’t want to eat. Wee Care Preschools makes it more convenient for parents by providing breakfast, lunch and snacks to keep their students’ tummies full. They recognize how the right food can help a child get all the vitamins and nutrients they need. This day care center strives to give a safe, loving and caring environment for their students. They aim to make children look forward to learning and not feel forced into it. Early child development is the time when kids learn basic academic skills, and the preschool makes this possible through fun classroom activities. As one of the most competitive preschools in Chula Vista and the Clairemont area of San Diego, they offer fun-filled classes where students can learn the necessary things they need to advance to the next level. Additionally, they have a flexible payment options via credit card or automatically debiting an account. For more information, visit About Wee Care Preschool The preschool has been locally owned and operated since 1983. The school is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), an organization promoting excellence in early childhood education.