Name-Tags Releases Updated Website With Additional Options For Users
02/01/2013 is your online source for all types of name tags and badges. Visit our updated web site featuring the latest designs in magnetic name tags and badges.

Online PR News – 01-February-2013 – Laurel, MS – Name-Tags is a company that provides high-quality name brand name tags to businesses and individuals that are looking to look more professional, allow customers to know who they are speaking with, and also make things easier around the workplace. Many different types of businesses require name tags in order to function in a professional manner, and there are many different options made available to you by Name-Tags. Their wide range of different options include magnetic name tags that come in a wide variety of different materials including plastic and metal, as well as name tags that are specifically designed for executives, and are of higher and more official quality. If you believe that your business requires name tags in order to allow everyone to address each other in a professional manner, you may want to look into utilizing some of the name tags provided by Name-Tags.

Magnetic Name Tags

One of the more popular types of name tags is magnetic name tags. These are great, because they allow you to always ensure that the name tags going to remain fastened, without having to worry about using the pin style name tags, and worrying about it becoming unfastened and poking you were causing injury during the workday. This is especially important for businesses whose employees that do a lot of moving around, in have to worry about the metal needle becoming unfastened from the back of the name tag, and potentially doing bodily harm to the individuals that are wearing them. Magnetic name tags are a safer option, and are much more reliable than the other varieties of name tags that are available.

Wide Range of Materials - Plastic and Metal

Another reason why Name-Tags has become so increasingly popular in recent years is the fact that they offer a wide range of different materials, including plastic and metal, for all of the different styles of name tags that they provide. Whether you are looking for basic name tags for retail employees that are going to be dealing with customers, or are looking for executive name tags I can help customers to identify the managers of a particular business, plastic and Metal Name Tags are available. They are also able to be customized, to a wide range of different colors and sizes, along with the material that you choose. This allows you to stylize them as well, perhaps adding the logo of your business to the front of the name tag in order to add some style to them.

High Quality Executive Name Badges

Name-Tags also provides high-quality executive Metal Name Tags. This is a great way for you to separate and easily identify the managers from the other employees in the business in order to create an environment that is quick and productive. Executive name badges can be a great way to honor those that have dedicated enough time within your business in order to become management.

Depending on the type of business that you have, there is a wide variety of different uses for name tags. Once you have decided that your business does require the use of name tags, you can find excellent magnetic name tags and metal name tags at Name-Tags for an excellent price.For more informaion please visit at