The Story Behind The Ever-Expanding Corporate Events Creative Department

Corporate Events the busy events management company, share their success story behind their creative department, the team that produces the creative events audio visual production and experiential events.

Online PR News – 01-February-2013 – Swindon UK – In these challenging and gloomy economic times, it's refreshing to hear of a continued success story that means more employment and more growth, and that's just what's happening at Swindon based Corporate Events.

After many years as a pure Audio Visual production company, in 2008 Corporate Events branched out into the design and creative world, producing slide content, animations and video for client conferences.

Forward wind that story to 2013 and it's an amazingly different picture, as Corporate Events Managing Director Andrew Ashley explains: "As a business, we need to provide real differentiation within our proposition to clients. Gone are the days when more audio visual equipment gave us the edge. While that is still important to clients and part of our value proposition, what's increasingly more important to our clients is the creativity we can bring to their communication challenges."

Commercial Director Tim Christian continues the thread: "It's true to say that our business model has moved on its axis over the last few years. Historically, the technical production was our lead, now our creativity and communication skills are becoming more and more in demand, with some clients using our services for a full, end to end communications program.

Conferences and award dinners are a method of communication, and in these difficult commercial times, it is vital that our clients messaging and communication stand out from all the other noise and distractions around them.

That's why Corporate Events has taken the bold investment move of recruiting the best in their field."

It's all too easy to pick up a laptop and call yourself a PowerPoint designer, but without training and education in the core disciplines of colour, typography and composition, the output might not be as good as expected.

Add to that the complexities of motion graphics and video production and pretty soon the need for a bespoke creative department becomes clear.

Tim Christian concludes: "When you consider some of our clients above the line agency relationships and marketing, it's vital that Corporate Events can offer a creative package that works to that level of skill and understanding, that we can provide a real pull through of message and communication styles that compliments and enhances the core call to action within the overall creative. Only by investing in our creative team can we ensure that content we create will deliver the clients message in an event environment."

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