Air Care Life Flights Transports Seriously Ill Two-Year-Old in Midst of Raging Florida Thunderstorms

Courageous pilot and medical flight crew risked their lives during severe Florida storm to transport a two-year-old in need of emergency surgery.

Online PR News – 28-April-2010 – – Air Care Life Flights (ACLS, Inc.), an air ambulance company, transported an Orlando child to the Duke University medical facility for emergency medical treatment on Monday, April 26th. With severe thunder storms moving across southern Florida, the two year old’s mother desperately sought medical transportation for her son, suffering from an Ependymoma tumor in his brain.

Holding the longest and safest track record in the medical flights industry, Air Care Life Flights was the only air ambulance company that would brave the elements to pick up the child. With both national and international commercial flights delayed due to the severe weather, this was an incredibly dangerous trip.

A pilot and crew from the ACLS, Inc. network agreed to the flight. Founder and CEO Steve Wallace says, “I just kept thinking ‘here is a flight crew risking their lives for a patient ... That’s what I call courage!’”

The pilot, fighting through heavy rain and winds that made it difficult to maintain speed, met the child and a ground ambulance about 50 miles from his location in Orlando. Once on board, the boy and his mother were transported to Duke Medical Center where he was able to receive the treatment he so desperately needed.

Since its beginnings, ACLS, Inc. has maintained a perfect record of no accidents or loss of life during transport. This record was continued even in the terrifying conditions of Sunday evening. With their experienced and passionate pilots and medical staff, Air Care Life Flights hopes to continue bringing high quality, safe air ambulance services to patients and families all over the world.

Air Care Life Flights has the longest and safest track record in the medical flights industry. Steve Wallace, CEO of ACLS Inc., has been working with air ambulance services for over 30 years. He and his wife Karen began ACLS Inc. out of their home, and have transformed it into one of the most successful medical flight services in the world. Wallace says, "Every family counts on us to keep their loved one safe...and that's what we do!” For more information, contact Air Care Life Flights at 1-800-781-2959 or via e-mail at .

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