The new AFFINITYTM Dicer food cutting machine from Urschel Laboratories, Inc. is a durable and easy-to-operate piece of equipment for the dicing of meat and dairy products such as cheese.

Online PR News – 01-February-2013 – Valparaiso, Indiana, U.S.A. – For Immediate Release — Cheese processors requested engineers from Urschel Laboratories, Inc., (the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and selling of high capacity food cutting equipment) to design a heavy duty, sanitary large dicer. They needed a durable dicer possessing a number of key elements: a clean, sanitary design combined with rugged construction., but also they demanded a machine that would deliver precision cuts. Along with these characteristics, the dicer needed to be simple to operate and maintain, so Urschel answered this request, through research and development, with the new AFFINITY™ Dicer for cheese and meat.

Sanitation is a major concern among food processors. With this in mind, Urschel designed the new AFFINITY™ Dicer with the following:
• U.S.D.A., Dairy Division accepted sanitary design with stainless steel construction including Ra 32 stainless surface finish on all components within the product contact/cutting zone.
• Product contact/cutting zone is completely separate from the mechanical zone eliminating cross contamination concerns.
• Rounded tube frame deters bacterial growth.
• Surfaces are slanted or curved to simplify wash down procedures.
• Great detail given to every component on the machine from the sanitary large impeller down to the types of fasteners, threads, washers, and nuts used throughout the product contact/cutting zone to discourage bacterial growth and assist in cleaning practices.

To learn more about the new AFFINITY™ Dicer, visit www.urschel.com/affinitydicer.html. Urschel Laboratories, Inc. • Valparaiso, Indiana U.S.A. • info@urschel.com • +1 219 464-4811 • www.urschel.com.