2simplifi.com Offers a Simple Low Cost Multi-Paged Website with Numerous Features for Only $69

This year, 2simplifi Web Solutions, Inc. celebrates over 10 years developing websites. Through the years the company has developed some very intricate websites and decided to offer a reasonably priced and sensible website solution so that companies could easily market their products and services. Recently 2simplifi.com finished developing a mini website builder application that allows businesses to establish or expand their website presence for only a small investment.

Online PR News – 28-April-2010 – – Lancaster, PA - 2simplifi Web Solutions, Inc. releases a feature packed mini website builder for only $69 that is perfect for new companies in need of a website or to establish backlinks to existing company websites or internet portals. A mini website application offers basic web features to meet the requirements of many small businesses to showcase their products and services. Companies may not always need an elaborate website that cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars. The reality is that businesses want an internet presence but may not require a full-fledged site with complicated coding, innumerable pages, or expensive monthly recurring hosting costs.

The 2simplifi Mini Website Builder application is an extremely cost-effective, pre developed cheap website solution that is ideal for companies that want to do business online, but prefer not to spend too much money. The online application offer business owners key features to create and manage a productive online business lead generation tool:

* Create Coupons & Special Offers
* Create / Edit Website Forms to Collect Visitor Data
* Manage Company Information Settings
* Manage Logo & Color Settings
* Website Meta Tag Keywords & Description
* Manage Social Media URLs
* Paste Google Analytics Code
* Manage Technical Settings
* Manage Primary Website Content
* Manage Site Header Advertising
* Manage Site Footer Advertising
* Manage Administrator Login(s)
* Manage Hours & Accepted Payment
* Generate Website Sitemap
* Submit Website Sitemap to Major Search Engines
* Collect and Export Newsletter Subscriber List
* Collect and Export Contact Submissions
* Collect and Export Customized Form Submission Data

For a complete list of all of the features, visit: http://www.2simplifi.com/mini-website-builder/index.cfm

Demo the website application as an owner of the website. http://www.2simplifi.net/website/admin/index.cfm

Demo the website application as a visitor to the website. http://www.2simplifi.net/website/index.cfm

A very beneficial feature of the 2simplifi Mini Website Builder is that the owner of the website, without the need of a web developer or SEO specialist, can input the page title, meta tag keywords and descriptions for every content page that is created in the administrative back office. This will aid the mini website in obtaining page rankings which are important when it comes to search engine optimization. Even if a company already has a primary website, it makes sense to setup a mini website and link to the main business website to raise page rankings in the major search engines.

A few benefits of a mini website:

* Extremely beneficial for SEO purposes if there is an existing website to link to (backlinks)
* Cottage and home-based businesses on a limited budget
* Ideal for parked domains.
* Promotion of products or services or events or new product launches
* Establishing a web presence for self-employed professionals like real estate agents, family owned restaurants, physicians, lawyers, travel agents and business consultants
* Ideal for businesses that already have a strong web presence and want to test or promote new products or services.
* Significantly lower cost to setup and maintain

The mini website builder application was developed entirely by 2simplifi Web Solutions, Inc. using ColdFusion MX with a Microsoft SQL Server backend database. The website application can be completely customized to meet specific company website specifications. For additional information visit, www.2simplifi.com and click on the request a website estimate link or call 877-500-7570.

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