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CustomerInsight is the Canadian-based consulting firm working with homebuilders to identify and ustomer insight,Guild Quality,Customer experience,Customer surveys,Christian Caswell,customer satisfaction,HOME execute exceptional customer,

Online PR News – 01-February-2013 – Ontario – CustomerInsight is the only Canadian-based consulting firm working with homebuilders to identify and execute exceptional customer experience strategies. We are a customer relationship marketing firm that understands the complexity of the homebuilding experience through our years of experience working for and with leading homebuilders.

Set...Our consulting programs are not one-size-fits-all. Every company we work with has a unique set of processes, personalities and market conditions. We draw upon our Customerinsight Knowledge Base in working closely with our clients to identify high-impact solutions that will minimize cost and maximize relations with customers, trades and employees, utilizing a process-based approach.
GO! Past projects include mystery shopping, Homeowner Playbooks™, touch point audits, strategy development to leverage Promoters for peer-to-peer marketing, process mapping, project management, and process improvement initiatives.

Our company along with our partners combine experience, strategy with technology and critical insight with action, working with clients to deliver results today that endure tomorrow.