Manny’s Return to Dodger’s Line-up Sure to Rekindle Anabolic Steroid Debate

After serving a 50-game suspension for breaking Major League Baseball’s banned substance policy, Los Angeles Dodger’s superstar Manny Ramirez is preparing to return to action. Manny’s suspension and upcoming return is the latest in the ongoing controversy over the use of performance enhancing drugs and substances at the highest levels of competitive sports.

Online PR News – 17-July-2009 – – Queen Creek, AZ, July, 2009/onlineprnews/ While Manny Ramirez plays minor league games in preparation for a return to the Los Angeles Dodger’s line-up, the debate over the use of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs rages. The superstar power hitting left fielder is the most recent in a long line of athletes who have seen their reputations tarnished by allegations that they used a performance enhancing substance. Ramirez was suspended in May after testing positive for the use of the female fertility drug chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, a substance used to offset high levels of testosterone.

Ramirez joined a growing number of Major League Baseball superstars who have admitted to, or are suspected of, using banned substances. In recent years, following the testimony of Jose Canseco, Marc McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Rodger Clemens, and other major-leaguers before a Congressional Committee, the controversy swirling around steroid use in professional sports has reached its zenith. Professional sports leagues, collegiate sports associations, and world sports associations, such as the International Olympic Committee, acted swiftly to the negative publicity that was caused by these well-known athletes with increasingly better testing techniques and more severe punishments.

Under Major League Baseball’s stricter by-laws, the punishment for failing just one test, such as Ramirez did, is an automatic 50-game suspension. A second offense results in a 100-game suspension, and a third failed test results in a player being suspended for life. For Major League Baseball and all other professional and Olympic sports organizations, the elimination of performance enhancing substances has become a top priority.

In the midst of congressional investigations and stricter testing, anabolic steroid use and other performance enhancing drugs have become a big part of sports culture. Despite this growing knowledge and awareness, many myths and misconceptions surrounding the metabolic affects and long-term health ramifications of performance enhancing drugs still exist.

Today, many young athletes see the use of performance enhancing drugs as synonymous with success. And, regardless of the tragic stories concerning athletes who have abused these drugs, many seek and find places, including websites, to buy steroids.

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