Charterboat Captains Offering Special Low Rates for Grouper Season

In anticipation of the re-opening of Grouper season on May 1st, Fish Key West Guides offers anglers special rates on reef and wreck trips.

Online PR News – 28-April-2010 – – 'Mayday' has a new meaning this year, with Grouper season opening back up on May first. Charter boat captains across Florida are excited for this event, but Key West guides in particular are celebrating the day with special low rates for reef and wreck trips. Save $100 when you call to book, but call early because May 1st is a big event for anglers who haven't caught a grouper for three months, and trips fill up fast.

The State of Florida had for the first time established a ban on grouper fishing in State waters, for three months this winter. The ban started January 29, 2010 and will be lifted after April 30, 2010. The regulatory measures were formed to parallel the Federal ban which protects Grouper in Southern Atlantic waters. The period of closure is the spawning season for Grouper, so State wildlife officials are hoping to give the species a boost during this time. Grouper behave differently while spawning, and as a result are more likely to be caught by anglers. Once they've stopped spawning, grouper have more of a fair shot when it comes to staying alive and not ending up on someone's dinner plate.

Now, with the season re-opening, there's excitement from anglers, Key West charter fishing guides, and restaurateurs as well.

"People come to Key West to catch Grouper" says Darryl Commicky, a regular charter boat customer form South Bend, Indiana. He's been flying to Key West for eight years in a row to fish on the reef and wrecks. "I just didn't know what to do this year, since I couldn't catch grouper" Said Mr. Commicky with a bit of self-mockery. "But I came down anyway, and had a great time catching other species. Now I'm booking a second trip just for grouper!".

And he's not alone. Customers from all over are gearing up for great grouper fishing in Key West this Spring. Of course you don't have to be here on May first to get in on some great grouper action. They'll be around, although with the warmer weather and water, they'll move into deeper water. The charter boat captains at Fish Key West Guides are offering the special low rates as a way to remind anglers that fishing in Key West great no matter when you go, no matter what species you target. Visitors who come to Key West in May for grouper season can also enjoy tarpon trips, since Springtime is when tarpon season really gets under way. Fish Key West Guides also offers Sunset Shark and Tarpon specials. Ask about Key West tarpon fishing when you call.

To learn more about Key West Fishing, the grouper species, and fishing charters in Key West, visit By calling 877-885-5397 you can ask about the special low rates for reef and wreck trips, and the sunset shark and tarpon specials as well.

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