Celibacy’s Child by Lisa B. Overton is an emotional, true story of a women’s life and her experience growing up as the child of a Catholic priest and an ex-nun who entered into a 30+ year clandestine love affair.

Online PR News – 31-January-2013 – Phoenix/Arizona – Celibacy’s Child by Lisa B. Overton is an emotionally rigged, true story of a women’s life starting from the first day she was brought into this world up to the present. This moving story details her experience growing up as the child of a Catholic priest and an ex-nun who entered into a 30+ year clandestine love affair.

The author, Lisa B. Overton tells the poignant story of her childhood and how she survived loneliness, shame and hypocrisy in her parents’ painful and secretive shadow and how she eventually forgave them both.. It was on her mother’s death bed that Lisa asked, “was Uncle my father?” It tells the tale of a forbidden love and the child who was

Overall in the Americas, there are approximately 541 million practicing Catholics, making up almost 50% of the world’s total Catholic population. In the US alone, there are about 66.3 million practicing Catholics. California, New York, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania are among the top 5 states that have the highest presence of the religion.

Celibacy is a spiritual requisite for Priests of the Catholic religion. The law of celibacy is not considered to be a doctrine, but rather a discipline to abstain from all sexual intercourse and marriage. It is believed to be purifying and to strengthen their connection with faith. One explanation of the origin of celibacy is that the papal dynasty wanted to avoid the inheritance of the church land and property by the heirs of the priests. The wealth of the church was to be kept inside the church. Celibacy is also used to shield priests from temptations such as divorce.

Celibacy's Child is similar to the highly successful TV Mini Series The Thorn Birds broadcast on ABC in March 1983. The story focuses on three generations, one of which includes a young girl who falls in love with a priest, and bares his child. It is not until the priest is on his death bead that he finds out the child is his. It was touted as the greatest romantic miniseries of its time and has many similarities to Celibacy’s Child…However Celibacy's Child is a true story.

"I wrote this book, not with malice towards the Catholic church, but with the hope that one day Rome will remove celibacy from it's doctrine. The stigma of shame that infected my mother's life as well as my own, came at a horrific price for both of us. I grew up loathing myself, as well as her for the false lives we both had to live. I felt no self-worth, had no friends. No schoolmates were allowed into our home. Always fearful that people would find out our secret. The life I was forced to live drove me away from my mother, I grew to hate her. This made me a demon to live with. My teen years were rebellious, driving me further and further away from her. It has taken me years to heal and writing this book has helped me to love and understand her.

I miss her so."

This exceptionally told story is great for someone interested in family relationship dynamics. It is also targeted towards the reader who is interested in reading about the celibacy rules enforced on the Catholic priests and the sneaky ways they get around those rules in order to feel love. This moving story will be one to stick your mind for months to come.

“When people heard my story they always told me it would make a fabulous book so I decided to write one. Celibacy’s Child is my story.”-Lisa B. Overton

“The first and foremost of these lessons is summed up in a simple spiritual law that has guided my life, which is: never to hurt or hinder.”- Lisa B. Overton

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