CollegeMarketing.Com Gets A New Look

COLLEGE MARKETING.COM has developed an experienced, reliable network of experienced agents. The core of our agent network has, on average, over 15 years experience working on college promotional projects.

Online PR News – 31-January-2013 – Newark, DE 19702 – CollegeMarketing.Com is proud to announce a major upgrade to its flagship website---one of the first of its kind in the college marketing world. “This is more than just a new look” says Stephen Crockett, president and founder of both the company and the website of the same name. “The mission for this website is to help make a whole new group of companies, entrepreneurs---and even nonprofit organizations—aware of the huge opportunity that exists in the college market. “ The website highlights important facts--such as that college students have over $400 Billion in buying power-- and uses compelling visuals to make its point to a broad audience.
Historically, those approaching the youth market have been intimidated by its mystique and by the fact that only a few large advertising agencies seemed to control access. CollegeMarketing.Com hopes to make the college market more accessible through an upgrade in its offerings, with the new client especially in mind. The “Hire Us Today” section of the website showcases several user-friendly packages designed to facilitate a quick start, including campus postering tests. For the first time, CollegeMarketing.Com is including poster design and printing as part of a one-stop turnkey approach. “Postering typifies the type of unconventional advertising that is most likely to surprise and engage students” says Crockett. “Since postering is our flagship service, we decided that it was time to give businesses interested in testing the waters an inexpensive—and simple—way to try it out.” incorporates both old-school marketing and cutting-edge online tools into strategies for new clients. A rigorous initial assessment and recommendation is recommended, and offered as a distinct package in the new website. Also featured is the opportunity to retain Crockett as a consultant on an hourly basis—giving customers a flexible way to take advantage of his years of experience in developing messaging and branding, and in helping others connect with influencers inside and outside their industry.
One of the truly distinctive characteristics of is the accessibility of its founder to potential customers. Says Crockett: “People looking into the college market for the first time need someone who is willing to be their partner on the journey, someone who will listen. What they don’t need is a bureaucracy. It’s immensely reassuring to a new client to know that they are being taken care of by the owner himself—by me.” CollegeMarketing.Com’s new design bears out this mission—the owner’s name and phone number are displayed prominently throughout the site.