Dlamini Agro Holdings Is A World Leading Olive Oil Manufacturer

To learn more about Dlamini Agro Holdings and the extensive list of high quality barley, wheat, maize and oil that they offer to the world, visit www.DlaminiAgroholdings.com today.

Online PR News – 31-January-2013 – Stellenbosch, Western Cape – When it comes to the food industry, it is extremely important for your business to have only the most tasteful and high-quality products available. Regardless of the Agro Food Products that you are looking for, including olive oil, vegetable oil, yellow maize and more, discover how Dlamini Agro Holdings can help you exceed your demands. In the Western Cape of South Africa, Dlamini Agro Holdings is one of the world's leading Olive Oil Manufacturers, providing high-quality products to the world.

Dlamini Agro Holdings has factories the process rapeseed oil, vegetable oil, wholesale cooking oil, refined sunflower oil and more. Defined by their ethical business policies, Dlamini Agro Holdings utilizes a customer centric approach to business, providing their products to customers around the world. As food products exporters, they ensure high quality, tasty and affordable products, on time, on budget, every time.

You are encouraged to find out more about Dlamini Agro Holdings by visiting their website, www.DlaminiAgroholdings.com. They strive to maintain excellent working relationships with each business partner, with the most technologically advanced and trustworthy opportunities. Not only do they encourage and promote the South African economy, but they encourage economies around the world, with their high quality oils, seeds and other food products.

Established in 1980, not only is Dlamini Agro Holdings a leader in the production and exportation of rapeseed, sunflower and olive oils, but they also offer used cooking oil, which is ready to be used in the production of bio diesel. With their incredible network of clients in Brazil, China, Dubai, Canada, India, Argentina and other countries, Dlamini Agro Holdings is among the leading vegetable oil producers in the world. With quality assurance and inspections, every product is guaranteed to take, feel and smell like the high-quality products that they are.

With customer satisfaction at the forefront, they ensure transparency, world-class service and experience, to provide you with the cooking oil South Africa that you need, when you need it, available online at www.DlaminiAgroholdings.com. In addition to being an olive oil manufacturer, Dlamini Agro Holdings also offers acclaimed and nutritious barley seeds, yellow maize and other food products. The maize that they offer is genuine, all natural and of the highest possible specifications for broken, damaged and off-color seeds.

The barley seeds they offer are hygienically processed, high quality and very nutritious. Every product from Dlamini Agro Holdings meets or exceeds FAO Codex Alimentarius CODEX STAN 210-1999, as well as the International Food Standards of United Nations. Dlamini Agro Holdings is a renowned producer of popcorn, yellow maize, barley, olive oil, potatoes, raisins, wheat and much more. Every food product they offer is safe and healthy, with the exception of the used vegetable oil, which is available for reuse in the production of bio diesel.

With an extensive variety of hygienically packaged, high quality and nutritious food items, discover for yourself how Dlamini Agro Holdings will help you succeed by enhancing your business. Available online at www.Dlaminiagroholdings.com, find out how they are enhancing the people in the economy of South Africa, while providing you with healthy, nutritious and tasty food products.