Mioot Launches Live Chat Software For Ecommerce Websites

mioot Live chat software is an expert in Help Desk Software solutions Offering Live Chat Support services since 2003. With Our Help Desk Software Live Support Agents can track the visitors informations in real time and Chat with customers.

Online PR News – 31-January-2013 – Chennai/Tamilnadu – Mioot Launches Live Chat Software For Ecommerce Websites

Internet has changed the way shopping is done. With the click of a mouse, people can buy anything staying at home. Due to advancement of technology, online shoppers are expecting more from online merchants. Visitors who do online shopping want instant answers to their questions, they want their online transactions backed by customer support; they want a positive shopping experience. With the help of Mioot live chat a visitor can ask questions on your website and you can provide answer to his queries instantly. Customer support chat is an e-commerce tool that enables to make friendly, personal contact with each and every visitor that comes to your retail website.

Having live support on your website projects the image of your company is service oriented. A live chat button can infuse confidence among first time customers. The button shows that a live person will be available to help If they have customer service issues.

Advantages of using mioot live chat in E-commerce
• Mioot live chat reduces toll free phone bill
• Information from website monitoring helps with the improvement of marketing strategies
• Market research has proved that visitors who are able to interact via live chat while visiting a website can be converted into customers as their queries are resolved within a few seconds which converts them to visitors. Visitors are much more likely to click a live assistance button and request assistance than look up a phone number and call. Internet technology has raised customer expectations.
By installing live chat software, it can increase sales and reduce overhead costs.