Traka RFID-enabled Intelligent iPad Lockers Make Managing Tablets as Simple as Checking The Register

Revolutionary automated interface saves teachers time and schools money.

Online PR News – 30-January-2013 – Olney, Buckinghamshire – Traka, the intelligent access management systems company, is exhibiting the latest generation of its ipad locker technology at BETT 2013 with its Intelligent iPad Locker and Simple iPad Locker products.

The Traka Intelligent iPad Locker is designed to automate the process of issuing iPad tablets to students and ensuring they are returned and stored securely at the end of each school day. Negating the need for manual issue and management saves teachers and IT staff valuable time.

As tablets become commonplace in the classroom – whether student-owned or supplied by the school itself – the burden of responsibility often falls upon the teacher. The Traka Intelligent iPad Locker alleviates the pressure on teaching staff to manually sign out and track devices, offering an at-a-glance view of current tablet ownership at any time via powerful operating software.

The locker is static, featuring 30 individual compartments – each offering iPad data synchronisation (sync) and battery charging capability to ensure iPads are always fit for classroom use.

A true first within the industry, Traka RFID tagging technology is able to detect that the device has been returned correctly, and has not been exchanged for a book or other object of similar size.

At the centre of Traka locker technology is its award-winning network and integration infrastructure, used across the company’s extensive product portfolio. Multiple iPad lockers can be networked across the school site or campus, all managed from one central location.

Key features of this technology include:
• Real-time tracking – Teachers and IT staff can view the live status of all tablets within a locker, and which students are in possession
• Curfew alerts – Curfew alerts can be triggered that warn that an iPad has not been returned by a specific time
• Historical data – Should a device become damaged, its previous users can be easily identified
• Quarantine - Damaged iPads can also be locked down remotely
Traka Intelligent iPad Lockers can be customised with multiple access control methods, from simple integration with pre-existing student ID card, cashless catering and e-registration systems to biometrics. Fingerprint readers, for example, stop an iPad being accessed via a lost or stolen ID card.

Traka is also launching its Simple iPad Locker – a cut-down implementation of its locker technology. This static, six-door metal locker can house five iPads behind each door, and it retains a dedicated drawer to house a MacBook.

Each of the six doors can be opened independently, giving authorised users the option of how many devices to allocate to students. Traka Simple iPad Lockers are accessed by a PIN code, providing basic access control that is suitable for smaller secondary and primary schools at a highly cost-effective price.

John Kent, President, Traka Plc commented: “iPads and other tablets are becoming commonplace in many schools, as teachers and IT departments realise the educative benefits, as well as the considerable reduction in overheads that comes from less photocopying and paper use. Traka iPad Lockers have been designed from the ground up to alleviate the burden on teachers and students of looking after such devices, offering simple yet robust access control, a full audit trail and employing technology like RFID to ensure the system cannot be exploited.”

About Traka
Launched in 1994, Traka provides intelligent access management systems, allowing organisations to control, monitor and record the use of physical assets including premises, facilities, equipment, machinery and vehicles.
Traka is an ASSA ABLOY Group company and works with organisations in over 30 countries. Its customer base covers a range of sectors including defence, education, hospitality, travel, healthcare and warehouse and logistics.
Alongside its UK presence, Traka also operates from a US HQ and has an extensive network of overseas distributors providing sales, consultancy, installation and support services for its growing international customer base.