About 1500 Aussie Men to Join a Study to Find Testosterone Link to Type 2 Diabetes

A first of its kind, researchers from University of Adelaide School of Medicine will hold a two-year clinical test to know if the male sex hormone, testosterone, has the capacity to prevent type 2 diabetes among men.

Online PR News – 31-January-2013 – Queensland, Australia – According to Professor Gary Wittert, men with middle-aged spread, especially in their mid-section are more susceptible to the chronic disease, Diabetes Mellitus. "We know that as men get older and gain weight, especially when they become large around the belly, they often suffer from reduced testosterone levels," he said.

He added that low testosterone levels have many implications. Among these is reduced motivation to work out and engage in sexual activities. This can also lead to type 2 diabetes.

Men included in the trial will undergo a weight loss program through an organisation called Weight Watchers. They will also receive the testosterone or placebo injections on the first day, six weeks after, and every three months thereafter.

"By giving testosterone supplements to men in that critical pre-diabetes stage, and by putting them on a dedicated weight-loss program, we expect to see sustained reductions in weight and a reduced chance to develop type 2 diabetes," Dr Wittert said.

The team also hopes that the study will become life-changing to these men. After all, they not only lose weight and lower the risk factor of diabetes in the process, but also because they made an amazing contribution to a very important research.

The $4.8 million study called T4DM or Testosterone 4 the Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus funded by the National Health and Research Council will seek volunteers from four states of Australia, including South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia, and Victoria.

The clinical test has been developed to further answer the results of a study published in 2012. The research has been designed by a group of Australian academics.

As of writing, the researchers at University of Adelaide School of Medicine are still looking for willing men with the said qualifications. They can learn more about this through the organisation's website at www.t4dm.org.au.

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