Planet Amurica Coming Soon

New Comedy Travel Series Set To Premiere in March on Youtube Channel

Online PR News – 01-February-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – “Planet Amurica” created by Australian actor Aaron Hammond and produced as well as directed by Justin Ashcraft is a documentary style comedy about two mates coming to America to explore the strange, wacky and less exposed side of American Culture. The initial season will consist of ten 30 minute weekly episodes and as this production targets an international audience, it will be giving several nods to Australia throughout the series.

Each week Hammond and his costar, Australian actor Leon Gulaptis will be visiting a different locale, and while there they will be assigned a challenge by the producer of the show Justin Ashcraft. Since these assignments for the most part are unpleasant these partners in crime will “paper, scissors, rock” to determine who will have to accomplish the task. Get ready for eating contests, taserings and alien abductions, dooms day prepping and lots of pranking and interacting with locals as Hammond and Gulaptis tour the United States.

There is a strong and comedic dynamic between the two hosts that adds to the distinctiveness of this travel series, and will keep viewers tuned in each week to see what crazy hilarious antics Hammond and Gulaptis will be up to and where. But while this show is a laugh out loud comedy, it has a unique educational aspect of a travelogue as the hosts take their viewers all across the United States and bring to light interesting and often unknown aspects of American life. The first episode airing in March will feature their arrival to America as they explore and learn about Hollywood in a very funny way.

Aaron Hammond had studied at Australia’s premier acting schools before moving to the United States to study at The New York Film Academy on a scholarship. He has performed in many theatrical productions at the famed Sydney Opera House, and has many TV/Film credits that include a supporting role in “Underbelly 2” an award winning series made in Australia and “False Witness” a prominent mini-series filmed in England and Australia. He appeared in the US feature film “Neshima”, and now lives in Hollywood where he continues to study and work as an actor.

Leon Gulaptis is an Australian actor who now resides in Los Angeles and his credits include “Underbelly 2”, “A Tale of Two Cities”, “Ben Hur”, “The Stadium Spectacular” narrated by Russell Crowe, and he played Cecil Hogan in the play “Soldier Boy. He has done over 20 commercials and is now shooting the feature film “The Devil You Know” set in Los Angeles.

Justin Ashcraft graduated from the University of Cincinnati but then moved to Australia where he attended the Academy of Photogenic Arts International Film School where he gained real life work experience in the many different areas of filmmaking. After moving back to the US, Ashcraft worked as an associate producer on the feature length sports documentary “4192: The Crowning of the Hit King” Currently he resides in Los Angeles where he works as a director, writer, and producer for a multitude of projects from commercials to shorts and features.