Joseph Tang Is A Pioneer Of Spontaneous Contemporary Music

"Joseph tang is a violinist who has lived his entire life to the pleasing notes of soulful music. He is a fine example who worked day and night to build his stable reputation for himself in the music industry."

Online PR News – 01-February-2013 – Ontario – Music is not a game that everyone can play with; rather it needs lots of patience, hard-work and persistence to become a good music artist.
This is reminiscence about the music maestro Joseph Tang-a player of rhythmic and melodious tunes with a divine instrument-violin. Beyond any doubt, today's outstanding musician, Joseph Tang is one of those lucky ones who made their childhood dreams comes true.

It is generally believed that some people are born with luck and skills, and other are not. Sam in the case of Joseph, music is his legacy, but he has burned midnight oil to give a refine shape to his God-gifted skills.

His backbreaking work is the only secret of behind his sky-high name in the music world. Since he was a kid, he had a natural endowment for music, but wanted to learn the fundamentals of music so to have strong grip on it.

With this dream, he went to San Francisco State University after completing his graduation from St. Pius X Catholic High School. In San Francisco, he made a good impression music community. Also, he has won dozens of awards for piano and violin at Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival.

As a kid, he was well-known to the fact that he is blessed with artistic family. His mother and brothers inspired him a lot to take up music as a profession. His mother-Elizabeth is a Dean of the renowned Canadian music company- the Ottawa Chapter. His brother also played musical instruments.

He learnt the basics and fundamentals of music from his musician brother. He trained him to musical accomplishment. Only become good at music is not just his dream to be. He worked with strong determination and keeps rehearsing on his musical instrument to improve his musical abilities.

Today, Mr. Joseph Tang is a violinist who's every musical note give peace of mind to listeners. His spontaneous music has ability to take people on a trip to heaven.