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Windows 8 is the most exciting operating system since the iOS. It combines the ease of a phone with the power of the desktop. reduces the learning curve by providing free training, just-in-time training and as needed online support to get you up to speed fast!

Online PR News – 01-February-2013 – Barrington, IL – Windows 8 it’s an outstanding new operating system, but its interface is so different from Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, that it may prove confusing to new users. Fortunately, there’s now, which introduces users to Windows 8 via 75 lessons covering over 300 quick searchable topics and over 5.5 hours of free online video training.

With this free online training, individual lessons provide video tutorials that explain specific features. Search for a key phrase or select from a comprehensive table of contents to find a specific topic. The quick search saves significant time by not forcing the user to watch the entire video when they only want to know how to do a single simple task. For example, if the user wanted to know what the keyboard shortcut is for showing the Desktop, they could watch the Keyboard Shortcut Keys topic (Learning time: 9 min 26 sec) or they could search for and play Show Desktop (Learning Time: 6 seconds) saving them over 9 minutes.

Users will learn how to install Windows 8, how to maximize use of the Start Screen, how to personalize Windows 8, how to use the standard Windows 8 apps and how to use the Windows Desktop. Other topics covered include how to organize their files, how to print, how to add new apps and how to use Skydrive to access their files from any computer.

Advanced users will learn how to record using the step recorder and the sound recorder. They will also learn how to take screenshots for use in their own training documents.

While the online training is free, example files can be purchased for $4.95. Other free training available from includes AutoCAD® 2D, 3D, MicroStation® 2D, 3D, Advanced and Photoshop®. Newer versions of training for MicroStation, AutoCAD, Office 2010, Office 2010 and others can be purchased for offline use starting at $49.95 for Download or $79.95 for CD/DVD. Enterprise Licensing is available from

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