San Francisco: Varicose Vein Treatment Now Done Earlier Says Dr. Joel Erickson

The medical director of Laser Light Treatment Center in Marin County says varicose vein treatments are "now so safe we can treat bumpy leg veins earlier in the process, before they become larger, more unsightly and more painful."

Online PR News – 30-January-2013 – San Francisco, CA – “Laser Vein Ablation is a an effective treatment for ropy varicose leg veins,” says Dr. Joel Erickson, whose catheter and vascular skills were honed during 25 years of practice as an interventional cardiologist. “The operation known as ‘vein stripping’ is obsolete because of this technique. Laser therapy is delivered to the inside of the vein with the help of a catheter and the targeted vein is destroyed, or ‘ablated’ by the energy delivered by the laser. At Laser Light Treatment Center the procedure is minimally invasive, done under local anesthesia and takes less than an hour to complete."

“In the past we had to wait until a person’s varicose leg veins became quite large before performing treatments like vein stripping, says Dr. Erickson. “With Laser Vein Ablation, treatments can be performed much earlier to alleviate symptoms while improving the leg’s appearance.”

“Women and men of all ages can be affected by varicose veins,” says Dr. Erickson. In fact, male patients account for 40% of the leg vein treatments in my practice. We see patients from their 20’s to those in their 90‘s, and many people with the worst varicose veins tell us they started to experience symptoms as early as their teens.”

Varicose veins can develop when veins near the surface of the skin stretch, bulge, and twist. If untreated, the affected veins can cause leg pain, swollen ankles and fatigue. “If you can look down at your own legs and see bulging veins, you are likely to feel increased energy after treatment,” says Dr. Erickson.

Laser Vein Ablation is usually the first therapeutic step for patients with ropy varicose veins and is often supplemented by foam sclerotherapy, according to Dr. Erickson.

How foam sclerotherapy works
“Veins can be treated by chemicals as well as by laser-delivered energy,” says Dr. Erickson. “Sclerotherapy is a chemical-induced closure of a targeted vein. The chemical ‘sclerosant’ can be injected into the target vein in a pure liquid state or in a foamed liquid state. The primary advantage of the foamed state of a sclerosant lies in the ability to effectively ablate medium-to-large sized varicose veins.”

Dr. Erickson says that vein treatment plans are established with the help of a detailed pre-procedure ultrasound evaluation. Ultrasound guidance is also used during most treatments. “After their vein treatments patients usually drive themselves home and are encouraged to exercise” says Dr. Erickson.

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About Dr. Joel Erickson
Dr. Erickson is an Interventional Cardiologist who specializes in leg vein treatment. As a native of California he attended Stanford University for undergraduate studies graduating “With Distinction”. He attended U.C. San Diego Medical School and stayed on for his Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine. He did his fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease at U.C. San Diego Medical Center and was a Postdoctoral Scholar and Interventional Cardiology Fellow there as well. Dr. Erickson is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. He has performed thousands of leg vein procedures and is a leader in this field.

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