Build A Bear Specialists Record Sales on Teddy Bear Clothing

Be My Bear Ltd a Leading build a bear and teddy bear clothing specialist record best Christmas sales to date with their top selection of bear kits and teddy bear clothing.

Online PR News – 29-January-2013 – Glasgow,Scotland – For many UK businesses, the recession has put a lot of strain on businesses trying to stay afloat after the credit crunch. But Christmas is the time of year that specialist kid’s toys suppliers can take advantage of. Be My Bear one of the leading build a bear kit and bear clothing specialists have only good news when it comes to the Christmas sale.
A spokesman for the company said, “Times are hard for a lot of local businesses and with competition as fierce as ever, the Christmas period is where we expect to see our sales peak. This year our Christmas sales were better than ever. Everyone who has kids knows that toys are what they want. And what better than your very own custom designed teddy bear. Having a large selection of teddy clothes and accessories gives us the edge to provide a better service to our customers.”
Another light in the dark gloom that is the recession. It seems that specialising in a niche works well for some people.
For more information and to buy your very own teddy bear kit with a wide range of teddy bear clothing, call the team at be my bear on 01492 544666 or visit