Go Buzz Me Makes Fresh Entry into the Android &iPhone Arena

Go Buzz Me Makes Fresh Entry into the Android &iPhone Arena

Online PR News – 30-January-2013 – NY – Go Buzz Me, which is getting synonymous with word of mouth marketing solutions, has expanded its wings to the mobile phone arena. Keeping in view the increasing net browsing on cell phones, Go Buzz Me has added applications for Android mobiles and iPhones. This decision is certainly going to prove more beneficial for browsers who have found Go Buzz Me useful but often do not get time to browse the site for lack of time. With these advanced Android mobiles and iPhones, Go Buzz Me is now accessible for users even when they are traveling and not carrying their laptop or notebook.

Users can create new contacts and communicate with their existing acquaintances through their mobile phones. The Go Buzz Me Android and iPhone applications come loaded with all the latest features and are even more user-friendly. It is now far easier to broadcast messages and figure out how many of your acquaintances are showing interest in it. Since one cannot predict how, when and from where a new business would come, keeping the door open round the clock is better and the new mobile versions of Go Buzz Me are ideal for that purpose.

Go Buzz Me Android and iPhone applications are guaranteed to help you expand and improve your business since monitoring activities of people visiting your profile would be easier. You need not to wait for reaching back office or home to log on to your site and respond to somebody who has buzzed you showing interest in your broadcasts. You can contact them immediately and get on with business chats. Similar to the features of the basic versions, these new Go Buzz Me mobile applications allow you to organize your contacts. You can maintain a separate folder for people showing interest in your business and add them to your broadcast list.

To help you get a clear idea about the new contact, the new Go Buzz Me mobile applications have been designed to provide a profile picture and a summary of the product they do business of. The broadcast activity window comes with a save/remove button that you can press either way to save the new contact or ignore it. The window for new broadcast too is very user friendly. You start with selecting a broadcast, then move on to select a photograph if you want to provide a profile picture and then choose from your ‘own’ and ‘entire’ connections. The My Broadcast window is very well designed to provide you with clear records of actions you have taken for previous broadcast messages. Three tabs lie beneath every broadcast message. The first tab displays the number of views, the second tab mentions the number of views you have saved and the third mentions how many views you have deleted.

You may also take a quick look at your calendar to figure out number of holidays, upcoming events, meetings and appointments.

So, if you are a Go Buzz Me user, then visit the site to know in detail about the new apps and download the one that fits your set.

About Go Buzz Me
Go Buzz Me is a fresh approach to the word of mouth marketing concept. The site is loaded with tools and features that make creating and maintaining business contacts easier. Now Go Buzz Me has added full version apps for Android and I phones to add to the convenience of people who browse net on mobiles more than PCs.

For more information, visit the gobuzz.me