Branded TV Apps Go Radioactive

RadioactiveGiant announces its first series of branded TV apps to be released this summer.

Online PR News – 28-April-2010 – – SANTA MONICA, CA -- 04/27/2010 -- RadioactiveGiant, a leader in business development and marketing in emerging media, announced today the release of its first series of branded TV apps slated for distribution this summer across internet connected video devices, including disc players, game consoles, media extenders, set-top boxes and connected television sets.

Identifying the need for engaging interactive content in the connected living room, RadioactiveGiant is working with content producers, brands and platforms to develop interactive entertainment properties to be distributed across connected video platforms. The first series of branded TV apps announced today includes: Badvertising®, featuring homemade commercials as well as funny and memorable commercials from the 1930’s and 40’s to today. Ninja Stars®, featuring gaming related entertainment and industry news. Egotopia®, modern men’s related interests, cars, gadgets and style. As well as Mixmod®, a music app featuring user-generated remixes and mash-ups.

“We’re a great partner for content producers seeking new business models, brands crossing-over into on demand media and platforms hungry for great interactive content -- this is an amazing time with opportunities to connect entertainment and information with modern consumers in their living rooms and on their TV’s” said Albert Sandoval, CEO and Founder of RadioactiveGiant.

Sales of connected devices are forecast to increase by nearly 80% in 2010, with network connected televisions and Blu-ray disc players at the top of the list. Connected Blu-ray disc players alone forecast shipments of 28 million over the next year. These figures are contained in a report from IMS Research on Market Opportunities for Internet Video to the TV. The report concludes that there could be 473 million households able to view internet video on their televisions by 2015.

About RadioactiveGiant

As consumers adopt a self-programmed world and as personal digital media becomes the new mass media, the delivery of on-demand entertainment and information has shifted the paradigm for technology developers, brands and producers of entertainment. Digital media has expanded from computer screens, to handheld mobile devices and now the living room. Driven by a passion for emerging media and a unique expertise connecting all corners of the digital entertainment ecosystem, RadioactiveGiant operates at the forefront of media and marketing innovation and at the epicenter of the emerging digital platforms space.

RadioactiveGiant provides end-to-end solutions to brands, producers of entertainment and platform developers seeking audiences, consumers, distribution and business opportunities in the digital entertainment ecosystem, through strategic business development, integrated digital marketing programs, pop-culture branding and product positioning in today’s emerging digital entertainment markets.